Friday, January 1, 2016

Another sexist and hateful Muslim

I have repeatedly said you can find these morons on videos that feature Muslim women.
I have said Muslim women unfortunately will be targeted by other Muslims because spreading rumors and baseless accusations is the culture of many Muslim societies, especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan. Any defense by others for women only makes them more angry. This is done by targeting the females in your family (notice the pattern?). I post some comments by those morons just to show how swine-like they really are. This is the second time I have to post comments by other "Muslims".

Check out this ridiculous retard Saeed Iqbal. He unnecessarily and illogically targets the woman from this video (who says NOTHING at all close to what Saeed accuser her of):

Saeed Iqbal:
"Munia Mazari will started hate preach against Islam ,,,i am sure believe me and after see my this comments i will remind you inshaALLAH"
"how is she hate preaching against islam?
filthy swine, you have no authority or credibility. you're a dog barking for attention.
uncivilized creatures like you should be rounded up and killed for your filthy attitudes and accusations."
"you are a big son of BITCH  Andalus101"
"your MOM was very Famous bitch in lahore Lari adda"
"LOL a degenerate swine barking like a dog for attention.
You have no right to call yourself a Muslim, and you have no right to call yourself a Pakistani. Idiots like you are cancers in our deen.
Accusing and spreading rumours about women is haraam. But since you dont care, this makes you a kaffir.
The Quran speaks of pigs like you. Pigs who should be publically lashed.
May Allah let us Muslims see the day when you swines get punished, ameen."
"don't say anything bout islam .....stay in limit
did i fuck your Mother and your little sister????? Mr Andulas101"
"Andulas101........ go and just see the activities of your younger sister
she fucked by her boyfriend
you motherfuckers"
"Dont say anything about Islam? Why? Oh thats right because you want to spread accusations against women.
Did you fuck my mother and my sister? Are you admitting to zina?
You slandered my mother and sister. And you spread accusations against them. Do you know what the Quran says about accusing women of zina? It says unless you have four pious witnesses, you should be publically lashed.

Allah hates swines like you. You are already a criminal in the eyes of him.

LOL you have terrible english. You make no sense. You think you're cool by swearing?? LOL Go take some english classes, along with some Islamic classes on how to be kind and not spread accusations"

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