Sunday, December 27, 2015

Islamophobia versus Kaffirphobia

If you visit Islamic forums like ummah forums, salafi forums, and islam awakening forums, there is a lot of hatred and propaganda against non muslims and non muslim countries. They think that since non muslims are non muslim, and non muslim countries have no sharia, then they must be misguided deviants who are worthy of insults and accusations. 

There is also a lot of hate and propaganda against non-salafi muslims. We're included in their kaffirphobic activity. So taking part in interfaith activities, going to schools where people of all religions (or no religion) attend, or having non-muslim friends, all of this heavily irritates salafis/wahabis. The way they differentiate between us regular muslims and non-muslims is from the words "modernist", "westernized", and "deviant". These three words are trademarks of salafis/wahabis. 

The key difference here is that kaffirphobia is done in the name of islam (so Quran verses, hadiths, and "scholarly" fatwas to back up their claims) and islamophobia is usually done for secular, nationalist, and irreligious reasons. 

I personally think kaffirphobia is worse, since it can cause people to lose faith in islam, and drive away any potential converts or those who have sympathy for muslims.