Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The hypocrisy of Muslims on YOUTUBE!

I can't believe how dumb these fools are.

If you go to videos of Muslims condemning ISIS, Al Queda, Boko Haraam, Taliban, or videos of dances at muslim weddings, you ALWAYS find those salafist/wahabbist kids who think they're got a monopoly on what is sinful and what is lawful. They're SO annoying. Firstly, you have them openly supporting the "mujahideen"; they're openly supporting those who kill the ones who draw cartoons or make videos mocking Islam (ex the shooting at Charlie Hebdo in France). Secondly they raid videos of the happiest days in the lives of a Muslim couple and their families and friends by throwing in the "haraam" card on such little things. I have written before how many Muslims get so upset at hijabless women, women dancing or talking/joking with others (which they will always consider as "flirting"). These Muslims and Salafists say the most dirty and disgusting things. But there's another side to them, and I thank Google plus for this.

I have been doing this for a while, so I know what I'm talking about. Go and click on the user names of those annoying Muslims who act all religious. It'll take you to their Google plus page. if it takes you to their YouTube page, then go and click on the "about" tab on top, then go and click their Google plus link. Now the thing is, your YouTube activity is automatically recorded by Google plus for everyone to see (unless you have your settings fixed-not many take the time to do this as Google plus isn't that popular yet). You will almost ALWAYS NOTICE that they love commenting on videos that have, um well, SEXUAL CONTENT. It's so FUNNY seeing this from them!! For example, there was a Salafist idiot trolling videos about Muslim women who don't wear hijab. He was writing some severe degrading crap towards them. He also called out any Muslim who lived in the West (he called us "sinners" and "traitors"). He had a habit of throwing in Quran verses and Hadiths after everything he said. One person responded to his comments, asking him why he had so much "filth" on his Google plus account. I visited it and, OMG. It was a total porn fest! This guy acted like such a player towards nude women! And you know whats weird? There goes commenting on videos that feature muslims doing dirty dancing/wearing dirty clothes. He says what they're doing is haraam! What a two faced prick. And he isn't the only one. This is just one example. I've come across MANY of these people. Their comments and the way they act show their sooo deeply religious (and by "religious" I mean they think they are- acting like God's official spokespeople by condemning other Muslims). Like this other guy, who kept saying "astagfirullah" to videos of Pakistani weddings and Chechen dances. One click on his account and he's doing the EXACT same thing as the salafist I mentioned above! There's so much evidence of these people you'll get a good laugh!!


Sunday, April 5, 2015

Does culture influence our views on Islam?

Yes, yes it DOES.

Consider the following scenarios.

Country A) Muslims in this country are segregated by gender in places like schools, hospitals, restaurants, bus stops, train stations, gyms, lecture halls, and so on . Women are taught to be housewives (cook, clean, raise children) and their line of education will suit this. Women are covered head to toe, don't take part in politics, don't go out without close male relatives, don't drive, don't play sports (and if they do, then its in a closed area where no one can see them), and are hidden from the public. There are also laws against women for dress, inheritance, movement, choosing a spouse on her own, and being able to work. Women are also taught that they are a fitnah for men, and must be dependent on men, because it is against nature for women to be independent. In this country, there are little to no non-muslims, and little to no places of worship for other religions. Muslims in this country might also be taught to hate non-muslims and segregate themselves away from them. Men are allowed, and maybe even encouraged to take additional wives. Men and women also are taught not to speak to the opposite gender.

When looking for religious rulings, the scholars in this country will only quote their own, as they are the only ones they trust. These scholars will base their understandings of Islam according to this environment that they grew up in. This country is also more likely to follow unreliable hadiths, because it will suit their culture (i.e the hadith about hijab, women being inferior to men, women the reason men are sinners, etc.). It is also within this country that we will see people having beliefs about women that medieval Europe had (women only good for making children, women being less smarter than men, women's sexuality the reason everything is so corrupt and so on).

The above mentioned qualities are normal, traditional, cultural, and religious (according to them) to the people in country A. This is how they grew up, what they witnessed and heard. This will all be passed down to their children, then their children, and so on. What they have up here is a very FIXED and RIGID system. Anything slightly contradictory is unacceptable, and will automatically be compared to things like prostitution, adultery, idol worship, and biddah (changing things in religion).

A glimpse of the mentality of people in country A can be found on online islamic forums (islam awakening, ummah, salafi talk) and youtube videos that have salafi/wahabi scholars.

Now see country B) Muslims in this country are not segregated by gender. Schools, hospitals, restaurants, lecture halls, work places, gyms and so on are all co-educational and mixed. Women are not taught to be housewives and are seen as equals. There are no laws on women. Women can freely travel, work in any profession, play any kind of sport wherever they want to, and can be politicians and judges. In this country, there is a variety of religions and places of worship. Mosques are found beside churches, synagogues, gurdwaras, and Hindu and Buddhist temples. We are taught in schools to be kind, respectful, helpful, and friendly to all people, regardless of their religious/irreligious beliefs. People in this country interact with each other, regardless of the gender or religion/irreligion, because it a normal part of every day life. Women wear whatever, go wherever and with whomever they want to (I'm talking about wearing modest clothes with friends. Not immodest clothes and going out with boyfriends to places like bars and nightclubs. BUT Country A will assume this anyways since they can't differentiate between a strip club and women being independent and controlling her own life).

Muslims in this country grew up seeing the Islamic religion WITHOUT any culture or traditions or customs. We see Islam for how it purely is. MANY things that are practiced in Muslim countries are NOT found in the Quran or Sunnah, and those of us who can put aside all cultural restrictions will notice this.

We see with our own eyes what leads to adultery and other sinful things. I have mentioned this already here:

We see with our own eyes our daughters, sisters, and wives excelling in sports, science and technology, arts and entertainment, politics, the judiciary, and so on.

Those of us in this country have taken many courses about women and gender. We study the medieval "scientists" who had such terrible views of women. We study how FALSE these people are and we study how science shows there's no difference in male and female intelligence. We study how and why the men had such views on women (to control them). We laugh and see how wrong these men were. Unfortunately, this is still prevalent in Muslim countries.

Now imagine if citizens from Country A visit or see how people in Country B are. How do you think they'll react? They'll be shocked, annoyed, and insulted. They'll respond by showing how we're all misguided and Allah's wrath will be upon all of us. Both  the men and women will say that motherhood and housewifery are the only things that will lead to paradise, and women who work outside the home are "shameful" and "prostitutes". They'll start pulling out fornication stats (see the link I posted a few paragraphs ago) and say this is because of women working, playing sports, people of the opposite sex talking to each other and yadda yaddah yaddah.

Case and point. Go to Youtube and type in "Chechen dance" or "Pakistani wedding dance". Dancing is a part of those cultures for weddings. But it isn't in the culture of Country A. Why do you think you see all the comments of "HARAAM HARAAM", or when there's women "SLUT, WHORE, LANAT, GHATSI, SHARMOTA". Even for videos where men and women are talking, the comments reflect those from country A. You find all sorts of ridiculous comments. Then they, for "evidence", will quote their famous salafist wahabi scholars, who use their culture and say its Islam. They will throw in the "lowering the gaze" card. I have mentioned what lowering the gaze refers to here:

Lowering the gaze over in country A literally means rolling your eyeballs on the floor and not looking at women, even when speaking to them. This is 1) WRONG, Islamically 2) NOT what happens here in Country B.

So an example of country B is Canada. During the winter Olympics, we cheered on our athletes. The females who brought home medals just continued to show what a great country this is. Everyone was also especially excited for hockey. All the people watched the women's team win gold. Now, notice how this will NEVER be possible for country A, because women playing sports infront of millions of people is sinful. They must be covered head to toe and even then, only women can watch.

I dunno if I'll expand on this later, but for now this is good enough, I made my point that I wanted to make.

Atheists should stop comparing Muslims to Christians

I'm a big fan of The Young Turks on Youtube. They're excellent on politics, world affairs, finances, and other things. The comment sections though, is full of hateful and judgmental atheists.

Bill Maher is a bigot and an idiot (not just for reasons about his stance on Islam). And the same goes for his dumbass crowd who blindly cheer him every two seconds.

Before I get any further, we should differenciate the type of atheists. First we have the liberal ones. These ones do not care what religion you follow or how you practice it. They also don't insult or degrade holy figures in religion (Muhammed, Jesus, Moses, Abraham etc) because they know its a hateful and offensive thing to do. They are very accepting of all people, regardless of their religious affililiation. Now secondly, we have the die-hard conservative ones. These atheists are very aggressive and hateful. They won't stop insulting religion, or the adheritants. They will bash and degrade God(s) and Prophets and holy scriptures. They will do their best to be offensive. They will also discriminate against you if you follow a religion. They might even start taking personal shots at you. (physical features, relationships). These die-hard ones are the atheists that dominate the young turks comment sections, and these die hard ones are also the Bill Maher type.

A common thing you see die-hards do is that they lump all religions together. They lump the followers of the religions together. And they do this by examining the behaviour of one particular religion and then automatically assume all people of all religions are just like that. So for example, Christianity in America. Lets be honest, Christians in America are very hypocritical. This is the main reason atheists make Christians their number one targets. Not just because Christianity is the largest and most influential religion in America, but because many Christians are BIG TIME alcoholics, fornicators, in the pornography business, and supporters of bikini pageants. Atheists see this and laugh because the bible forbids all of this. Christians in other words are acting atheist, yet still saying the believe in every word in the Bible. Many Christians are also having illegitinate children, yet running around and condemning others for sexual immorality. And then we have NUMEROUS Christian models, actors, singers who claim they are "devout Christians" yet constantly go against what the Bible actually teaches (ex: Miley Cyrus, Katy Perry, Courtney Stodden, Evangeline Lilly, Kim Kardashian, Aly Michalka, Kate Upton, Carrie Prejean, and so on. BTW I'm not being biased by just showing women here, as many Christian men are the same. But the women I just mentioned are known to also flaunt their sexuality, something men can't really do). So again, atheists see this and laugh. They're wondering that 1) Christians are big time hypocrites, further proving religion to be false and 2) The Christian youth don't want to live a religious lifestyle that their parents live, meaning other youth of different religions are also the same.

Christians are also more likely to believe inanimate objects can get possessed. We Muslim don't believe that.

So atheists analyze this and begin associating the actions of Christians to Muslims. They think that Muslims must be going through the exact same. BUT they are wrong, and here's why.

American Christianity is very liberal and secular. There's been many enlightenment influences on the religion, that todays Christians follow a watered down version. Many christians are fine with being drunk, getting high, wearing tight/revealing clothes, going to strip clubs, and so on. As long as they aren't actually fornicating (which they do by the way), the American Christians are thinking they're living a perfect biblical lifestyle.

Now we Muslims on the other hand have different attitudes to what I mentioned in the above. We have different ways of practicing and understanding our religion, which differenciates us. Atheists won't get this, they won't understand. Many of them don't know much about Islam, but assume all Abrahamic faiths are the same. So when trying to explain to them that the vast majority of us Muslims don't date, flirt, drink, have sex outside of marriage, and so on, they won't believe you. They might get a little specific, asking for exact statsitics to show how we are not the same. This is what I run into- the die hard atheist crowds of TYT and Bill Maher. I argue with them all the time that we aren't like them, yet they won't believe. They might say "oh well I know this Muslim who did do A, B, and C so you can't all be good goodies". And thats true, we aren't all good goodies. There might be muslims who engage in un-islamic activities, but its nowhere to the rate of Christians.

Oh, and yeah, the ones whom I mention in the header are not good goodies either, by a LONG shot.

Saturday, April 4, 2015

Islam QA is wrong, again

For those of you who don't know, check out this page:

One of the fatwas ( is hell bent on ranting about women. Notice the "statistics" they speak of:

"Recent statistics show that for the first time in history the rate of illegitimate births in Britain has surpassed that of births that occurred within the bounds of marriage, and this is a lesson for those who pay heed. 
In America statistics show that between 70 and 90% of female employees have committed zina. Al-Da’wah magazine, issue no. 1783."

Now Islam QA is known to target women. Here they think they're fooling everyone by showing this stat, in order to further prohibit women from doing whatever they want to (in this case, work outside the home). But they're dead wrong, and here's why.

Those of us who live in the west are FIRST HAND WITNESSES what leads to fornication/adultery. We are FIRST HAND WITNESSES of how it all happens, and why it all occurs. Islam QA can never understand this, because they grew up in environments where women are housewives, covered head to toe, educated only about household chores, and segregated from men. Of course their stupidity revolves around this. But we on the other hand grew up going to co-educational schools, working with the opposite gender for school or projects, talking with the opposite gender (OMG we're soo misguided!), having doctors and patients, teachers, and coaches of the opposite gender, so on. Notice how the vast majority of us are virgins until marriage. Why? BECAUSE THESE THINGS WILL NEVER LEAD TO FORNICATION/ADULTERY. So then what does (as Islam QA will ask)?

We are surrounded by people having boyfriends and girlfriends, and the expectation that you lose your virginity by the time you're 16. We're surrounded by people who have the INTENTIONS to commit zina. We are also surrounded by those high school and college parties, where there's alcohol and drugs. Combine all of this and then what do you get? PEOPLE FORNICATING. Those of us Muslims who live in the West can SEE THIS with our own eyes. Many of us are tempted to engage in these actions, but most of us don't, because we're EDUCATED ISLAMICALLY not to engage in them. Because WE KNOW ITS WRONG. We don't have the intentions they do. But Islam QA won't realize this. May God protect us from all the evil things.

And there's another thing I want to tell. Many of the women and young girls who have illegitimate children come from very broken homes where there's been much violence and abuse (including sexual). Many of them run away from their homes, and can only survive on the streets through prostitution. This sadly includes Muslim girls. But the ROOT of all of this is WHAT they experienced. Many idiots will say "oh oh they made a choice to be like this because they forgot/don't believe in Allah". Right, I'm sure its sooo fun to runaway from home to dangerous streets, where there might be more violence and abuse against them. I'm sooo sure they really want this lifestyle.

I have taken gender studies and criminology (I'm majoring in it). THIS is what we study. We study how young girls are at risk for so much (INCLUDING MUSLIM GIRLS). We study how they need to run away from their violent and abusive homes. Remember the article I wrote about how we can't judge other Muslims? I told you all about a girl named Karima El Mahroug. SHE WENT THROUGH THIS EXACT SAME THING. She was raped by her own uncles and she couldn't tell anyone because she'd be honor killed by her father. She ran away and became a prostitute and no longer identifies as being Muslim, because it was in the name of Islam she went through all that horror.

I hope Islam QA smartens up and changes its attitudes. 

Friday, April 3, 2015

Dear Afghans and Pakistanis, STOP saying the words "slut", "whore", "bitch" and "lanat"

You are NOT cool for saying these words. You are NOT gaining respect from Allah SWT. You are NOT helping anyone with this type of language. You are ONLY MAKING BIGGER FOOLS of yourself.  You are only FURTHER causing decay of the ummah.

If you go to Youtube, go watch any video of Pakistani or Afghan girls who are either singing, modeling, acting, not wearing a hijab, or just having a fun time. These videos could feature celebrities or random girls whom none know about, but post videos for the sake of having fun or creating awareness. Then skim on down to the comments. All you see is "slut", "bitch", "whore", or "lanat" from many users.

This fucked up ideology needs to stop. These morons need to realize they're idiots. These idiots KNOW they're being hateful and offensive, but they don't care. They think women should be hidden, silent, and away from all public life. So when they see other women like this, they're little minds can't differentiate between a woman who's a go-go dancer, and a woman who is out in the open. That's how stupid these pigs are. This is how they're minds function.

Lets hope these fools will disappear from the face of the earth.