Tuesday, March 22, 2016

How salafis/wahabis respond to terror attacks

NOTE: You can find all these people on Ummah forums, Salafi talk, and Islamic Awareness forums.

1) Dont say anything becase we cant trust "kaffirs".

2) Dont say anything becase we cant trust "western media".

3) Dont say anything because non muslims are at war with muslims. Showing sympathy for non muslims would mean agreeing with them in their war against muslims.

4) Dont say anything because showing sympathy for non muslims is an act of "biddah" or "imitating the kaffir".

5) Condemn other Muslims for showing sympathy towards non muslims. Symbolically many muslims put up a belgian flag. This would cause condemnation by right wing salafis because only the black flag can be raised (as said by Allas Servant, a ridiculous right wing nutjob on ummah forums).

6) Are happy because this would cause non muslims to go against muslims, therefore causing muslims in the west to join their "brothers" against the "enemy" and create muslim unity.

7) Ask why no one is condemning the attacks by isis/al queda against muslims. These fools fail to realize that there is a huge difference betwern muslims killing muslims in the name of islam in a muslim country, and killing non muslims in the name of islam in a non muslim country.

8) Ask why there was no condemnation by westerners (and muslims) when many muslims were killed during the invasion of Iraq. I find this one weird because Iraq is mostly Shia. And salafis/wahabis/right wing muslims HATE Shias.

9) Codemn the attacks, but act just like Isis/Al Queda against other muslims and non muslims the next day (for example, killing muslims, other sects of islam, non muslims in Pakistan in the name of "blasphemy").