Saturday, May 20, 2017

Why you should avoid online Islamic forums

In the exact same way the deep dark web has freaks, creeps, and disgusting humans who find pleasure in everything wrong and insane, online Islamic forums/boards attract a very similar crowd.

I have mentioned this before. Online Islamic forums are where judgmental trolls and bullies congregate. These forums/boards are cesspools for nutjobs. It is a place where insecure, hardline, overly conservative Muslims come on to vent their frustration about non-Muslims, women, and other Muslims.  I have never questioned my faith more than when I visited these websites, and I have heard from many about the negative, faith-shaking experiences they had.. If you go on there, all you will see is idiotic and sick comments about women, non-Muslims, other sects of Islam, those who have different interpretations of Islam, and those who are non-salafi. And of course, as it should be expected, hardline conservative Muslims fighting aggressively with other hardline conservative Muslims. Just to give you an example, a few months ago I saw on Ummah Forums where a woman was writing that she worked for a human rights group in Afghanistan. She was immediately chastised for 1) Working 2) Working for groups that promote "biddah" or "kuffar" ideologies 3) Working with men. That woman, last time I checked, deleted her account because she couldn't take the amount of freaks harassing her.

And then there's always morons who support terrorist groups or post fatwas from extremist preachers. I posted before how salafis respond to terrorist attacks in Europe, and I spoke about how they use online forums to express their idiotic views.

You see, on line Islam forums (especially ummah forums, islam awakening, and salafitalk) are usually dominated by right wing Muslims (whom are usually Salafis/Wahhabis/Deobandis). Right wing Muslims are those whom are very strict, ultra conservative, have very narrow minded and rigid and strict interpretations of Islam. They take dawah very seriously, and what better way to do that than to go on Islamic forums?

As I have said before many times, for example, the subject of women is often the favorite topic of these right wingers. Right wing Muslims heavily sexualize every inch of a woman's body, every action she takes, every movement she makes, every dress she wears, and even what she says. They also follow every single hadith (doesn't matter if it's weak or fabricated or not in its context) and strictly follow Salafi or Wahhabi Sheiks. What sickens me even more is the amount of self-hating women that comment in agreement with backwards idiots about their own gender.

So, unless you are a terrorist supporter, or a backwards person who thinks women should be burka covered housewives segregated from the public because Allah created women as "fitnah", or you hate other sects of Islam or want to wage war on different interpretations of Islam, you should steer clear of online Islamic forums. If you go on to these forums, you will lose your faith. Sane and civilized Muslims will have their faith shaken when they visit such forums. So AVOID such gatherings.