Thursday, April 25, 2019

Read this news article and be embarassed to be Muslim

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Why Muslims should not support the Brunei Sultan

The Brunei Sultan recently passed laws on homosexuality being punishable by stoning, and conservative Muslims all over social media showed their joy. Even the idiot Daniel Haqiqatjou, who's article on this basically tells Muslims to get a bag of popcorn and go watch some stonings. And then on some right wing Pakistani pages, the Brunei sultan is being hailed a "Amir Al Mu'mineen". Now let's see how stupid everyone is on this.

Firstly, the Sultan of Brunei is a SEXUAL DEVIENT. He has NUMEROUS mistresses, in addition to several wives. He is FILTHY rich, with hotels all over the world, which sell alcohol. His residence, the Istana Nurul Iman, is the world's largest private residence! He throws lavish parties (he spent $27 million for his 50th birthday- His country, while rich, has half of it's citizens living in poverty:

Secondly, the Sultan of Brunei was not selected or elected to lead the state. He was born into royalty and wealth, and gets to be the leader of a country. Just like many other Muslim countries that have royal rulers, this is a closed club. You can't be a part of it. If you are born into royalty and wealth, you keep it all of your life, and then your children get it after you. You will live a life of riches, women, expensive luxury cars, luxury palaces, special treatment everywhere, and so on. You will also be immune from any laws. Just like other Muslim countries that have royal rulers, the laws that they create and pass do NOT apply to them. The royal families can do whatever they want to, while the citizens of the country cannot. Now go read the biographies of the first four Caliphs. Were they anything like this? No, they were the exact opposite. The reason I brought up these rightly guided caliphs is because conservative, right wing, and orthodox Muslims always praise Caliphates. They praise early Islamic governance and scholarship. They want a caliphate. Yet, they show their two faced nature when it comes to the Sultan of Brunei. Refer back to my article about liberal and conservative Muslims, where I showed the hypocrisy of conservative/right wing Muslims.

Brunei is already a socially conservative country. There is no homosexuality around, anywhere. This law is a TACTIC. It is about using Islam and a political tool to keep the Sultan in power. It is about showing off and making everyone think you are a great Muslim leader. And unsurprisingly, Muslims are buying into this game. Just goes to show how weak, ineffective, and stupid this ummah is.

NONE of the above is permissible for a Muslim ruler. He/she has to be humble and show humility. So all of these Muslims who support the Sultan of Brunei, you are supporting someone who doesn't give a damn about religion.

Islam does NOT allow you to judge others

The following are two videos by conservative Muslim scholars: Mufti Menk and Noman Ali Khan. Of course, many don't agree with what they say, but they are on point here about judging being haram:

Now we know people in certain cultures (ESPECIALLY Pakistani) love judging and gossiping about others. Just like many things in Muslim cultures, they don't arise from Islam, but through ignorant cultural practices. We see from the Quran (49:12) how it is haram to negatively assume about others. We see in many places in the Quran that Allah is the only judge and the only one who knows who is guided and misguided. So clearly, the cultures are wrong.

However, what has happened recently it that right wing backwards Muslims have attacked back saying it is their Islamic right to "guide" others. You're finding this everywhere on every conservative, orthodox, right wing Muslim social platform. And of course, Muslims from cultures where judgmental degeneracy is the norm, have now been Islamically inspired to continue to act like idiots. That is why strange Muslims are messaging our sisters and daughters on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram and telling them to have "sharam" and "haya". That is why random idiots at the masjid are yelling across the street and criticizing our dress or appearance. These people are now inspired in the name of Islam to aggressively judge. They think they will stand next to Allah on judgement day and help him cast people to hell.

Let me tell you a story. In my criminology class at university, we learned a lot about youths who live in the streets. They ran away from abusive and broken homes, and now have to survive through prostitution and theft. We also had speakers from the police department come in and talk about this issue. Something that they mentioned (which was also mentioned in our textbooks) was that there were a large amount of young girls from south Asia and the Middle East who made up street youth. This isn't that much of a surprise to me. My city is full of new immigrants from Muslim countries. Those of us who know how Muslims can be from Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Arab countries will realize it is much better to be on the streets than live in such homes. Now, think about how these young Muslim girls are viewed by other Muslims. "She's a whore", "She's a bitch", "she's a kaffir", and so on. They jump to these words without knowing WHY they are on the streets in the first place.

Similarly, we can think of Karima El Mahroug, the mistress of the Italian Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi. When news broke out that it was a Muslim mistress, I read comments on YouTube and news outlets to see what Muslims would say. Well, you guessed it. Nothing but horrible comments. But have a look at WHY Karima does what she does:

Yep, that's right. She came from a sexually abusive household. That is why she ran on to the street. Do Muslims care? Nope. They will still attack her for dress, appearance, and actions.

Let me tell you this, when it comes to social issues or issues within the Muslim community, don't expect help from Muslims. Muslims have the WORST responses and thoughts. This is why so many young Muslims choose western and secular resources, because they actually do something to help. I have said this before, the problems you find in the Muslim community are problems you will ONLY ever find in the Muslim community. Moreover, the responses to these problems are response you will ONLY ever find in Muslim communities. Muslim institutions and organizations (except secular and liberal ones) are NEVER there for you.