Friday, February 13, 2015

Muslims are the reason why Muslims leave Islam

I just found out there's a branch of ex muslims opening up in Canada, and with many ex muslims rushing to join it. Soon, there's going to be another one in South Korea, one in East Mexico, one in upper Guatamala, one inner Iceland, and so on. Yeah, those who leave islam will be coming from many countries we've never heard of. And this isn't funny.

Muslim countries are failing in pretty much every field- human rights, education, science, peace, professionalism, maturity, justice, arts and entertainment, kindness, honesty, and so on. And often, the mentioned characteristics are suppressed in the name of Islam. Western countries have all of this, but they don't have Islam. So what happens? People don't want to be a part of this ummah anymore.

It's unfortunate. But can they be blamed for leaving Islam?  This can ALL BE PREVENTED if we educate ourselves and others about Islam in a PROPER way. It's so annoying seeing the people in our ummah act like such douchebags. These fools don't get it that their actions have IMPLICATIONS for many other Muslims. The ones who use Islam to incite hatred and bloodshed, those who use islam to oppress human rights, those who use islam to degrade and insult muslims and non-muslims, only causes other Muslims to QUESTION this faith. Those trolls on Islamic forums (like ummah forums), those who raid youtube videos and create facebook pages, all for the purpose of spreading islam in such an ignorant and disgusting way (but hey, it's islam to them) cause MANY to leave Islam.

MUSLIM PARENTS are also at fault. Those of us who come from the Pakistani/Indian heritage would note that our parents force Islam on us without properly explaining the religion. And it often involves a few smacks here and there. And then on top of that they force us into marriages. You can find stories of this on google of people writing what they went through and how it was justified (according to their parents) as "Islamic".

I'm sick and tired of what our countries do in the name of Islam. I'm sick and tired of the Pakistani, Afghani, and Arab ulema ignoring the human rights abuses that go on daily. These "scholars", whom are the most educated on islam, refuse to condemn honor killing, domestic violence, oppression of Christians, shias, ahmadees, and so on. These IDIOTS do not get it how BAD they make Muslims look, and how BAD they make this religion look. Is this not blasphemy? Isn't this among the most severe forms of blasphemy?

But hey, it's islam to them. And if we criticize them, then we criticize islam. And then, according to them, we are considered apostates.

JUST THINK, if we had what I mentioned in the second paragraph, then it would be a LOT EASIER to be a Muslim. We would be at ease, knowing our religion is not against that stuff, and that we are all on the same page. It would also be much easier to guide misguided Muslims (those who drink, adultery/fornicate, gamble, wear haraam clothing (tight, short, see-through clothes)). But that's not the case, is it?

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