Thursday, February 19, 2015

Why are people so misguided on polygamy? Because they ignore what the Quran ACTUALLY says!

Ummah forums (a usual culprit) had a thread about polygamy. Many users were telling the woman who started the thread that polygamy cannot be objected to because its in the Quran and Allah says men can have up to four wives. Then there were some sadistic women who said they would absolutely love to be in a polygamous relationship because then all of the wives could be friends. Another woman on there said she was looking for a second wife for her husband (lets pray to Allah that she's unsuccessful). One other woman said she wants to be in a polygamous relationship because "all of the great men in Islamic history had more than one wife". Furthermore many of them say a man who marries a second wife doesn't have to tell his first wife. Smh.

And then we've got the ever so famous fatwa site Islam QA which says polygamy is pretty much mandatory for males even if they live in a non-muslim country:

The woman who asked the question pisses me off, and it makes me want to headshot the idiot husband who is proposing to the woman. And it makes me further angry that Islam QA is fine with all of this.

A lot of what Islam QA writes isn't reliable. They themselves stake things out context. If you look they quoted a hadeeth where the Prophet said those who have the most wives are the best of the ummah. I forwarded this to onislam and they put Islam QA in their place:

If you look at that link, the scholar didn't mention the reason for polygamy. Which is why its up to us to interpret and understand.

If you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with the orphans, marry women of your choice, two, or three, or four; but if you fear that you shall not be able to deal justly with them), then (marry) only one….   (Qur’an 4:3)

Notice how this verse on polygamy speaks of doing justice TO THE ORPHANS. Women at the time were not educated or involved in every day life. They were heavily dependent on men. Many men died in wars. I did an article about interfaith marriage here:
I've already explained interfaith marriages are no longer Islamic and Muslims should marry only Muslims. At the time, Muslims also fought Romans (Christians) and certain jewish tribes. When their men died, their women were in the same position. This is a reason why both polygamy and interfaith marriages were permitted AT THE TIME. But if we look today, many Muslim women are independent. They do not need a man's help or his support (except maybe in cases like pregnancy). SO this verse is NO LONGER VALID. It SPECIFICALLY spoke about doing justice to a CERTAIN GROUP at a CERTAIN TIME. In addition to, there were RESTRICTIONS. You had to deal with them justly. There's well known hadiths that say a man who favored one wife over another will have his body twisted on the day of judgment.

Its unfortunate, but today in Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, imaams unconditionally marry already married muslim men to other women WITHOUT the first wife knowing. And considering the very poor status of women in those countries, the first wives are often ditched and left alone with the kids. These women sometimes have to get involved into prostitution or selling drugs to support themselves and their kids. Who's fault is this? It's the man, its the imaam for not properly knowing the context of polygamy, and that asshole woman (ASSUMING she knows the man is married, and ASSUMING she chose to marry him).

Please read my intro at the top of the blog again, and see how corrupt this ummah is becoming, and how all of this is causing many Muslims to question Islam, or flat out leave it. Islam QA, ummah forums, and the situation caused by scholars in the countries I mentioned only continue to prove my point.

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