Saturday, April 4, 2015

Islam QA is wrong, again

For those of you who don't know, check out this page:

One of the fatwas ( is hell bent on ranting about women. Notice the "statistics" they speak of:

"Recent statistics show that for the first time in history the rate of illegitimate births in Britain has surpassed that of births that occurred within the bounds of marriage, and this is a lesson for those who pay heed. 
In America statistics show that between 70 and 90% of female employees have committed zina. Al-Da’wah magazine, issue no. 1783."

Now Islam QA is known to target women. Here they think they're fooling everyone by showing this stat, in order to further prohibit women from doing whatever they want to (in this case, work outside the home). But they're dead wrong, and here's why.

Those of us who live in the west are FIRST HAND WITNESSES what leads to fornication/adultery. We are FIRST HAND WITNESSES of how it all happens, and why it all occurs. Islam QA can never understand this, because they grew up in environments where women are housewives, covered head to toe, educated only about household chores, and segregated from men. Of course their stupidity revolves around this. But we on the other hand grew up going to co-educational schools, working with the opposite gender for school or projects, talking with the opposite gender (OMG we're soo misguided!), having doctors and patients, teachers, and coaches of the opposite gender, so on. Notice how the vast majority of us are virgins until marriage. Why? BECAUSE THESE THINGS WILL NEVER LEAD TO FORNICATION/ADULTERY. So then what does (as Islam QA will ask)?

We are surrounded by people having boyfriends and girlfriends, and the expectation that you lose your virginity by the time you're 16. We're surrounded by people who have the INTENTIONS to commit zina. We are also surrounded by those high school and college parties, where there's alcohol and drugs. Combine all of this and then what do you get? PEOPLE FORNICATING. Those of us Muslims who live in the West can SEE THIS with our own eyes. Many of us are tempted to engage in these actions, but most of us don't, because we're EDUCATED ISLAMICALLY not to engage in them. Because WE KNOW ITS WRONG. We don't have the intentions they do. But Islam QA won't realize this. May God protect us from all the evil things.

And there's another thing I want to tell. Many of the women and young girls who have illegitimate children come from very broken homes where there's been much violence and abuse (including sexual). Many of them run away from their homes, and can only survive on the streets through prostitution. This sadly includes Muslim girls. But the ROOT of all of this is WHAT they experienced. Many idiots will say "oh oh they made a choice to be like this because they forgot/don't believe in Allah". Right, I'm sure its sooo fun to runaway from home to dangerous streets, where there might be more violence and abuse against them. I'm sooo sure they really want this lifestyle.

I have taken gender studies and criminology (I'm majoring in it). THIS is what we study. We study how young girls are at risk for so much (INCLUDING MUSLIM GIRLS). We study how they need to run away from their violent and abusive homes. Remember the article I wrote about how we can't judge other Muslims? I told you all about a girl named Karima El Mahroug. SHE WENT THROUGH THIS EXACT SAME THING. She was raped by her own uncles and she couldn't tell anyone because she'd be honor killed by her father. She ran away and became a prostitute and no longer identifies as being Muslim, because it was in the name of Islam she went through all that horror.

I hope Islam QA smartens up and changes its attitudes. 

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