Saturday, May 30, 2015

Please stop comparing Muslim women to diamonds and pearls

This is an excuse used to make sure Muslim women are all covered and hidden away from society. Like I have said before, Allah did not send women to this planet to be haraam or be controlled and dominated by men. He did not send women to earth so they can be molested and harassed. He did not send women to be constantly "protected" and monitored by men, nor did he send women to be a "fitnah" (Islam QA and other salafis love saying this about women). Allah also didnt create men as perverts who only think about sex (cultural and salafi muslims always use this as an excuse to enforce the idea women should be covered and hidden away from society. These fools dont realize there are times where sexual arousal is inapropriate. I have also written how muslims in muslim countries sexualize things prostitutes never could).

What's funny is that wherever you read this excuse of women being diamonds or pearls, there's either a video, a cartoon illustration, or an article, showing two types of women. Women who are scantily clothed, and women who are all covered up. Remember how many times I've said there's people in this religion of ours that can't differentiate between women wearing tight and revealing clothes, and women who are all covered up? Yeah. To them there's nothing in between. You're either a slut (their words) or a good Muslimah.

There's a lot of issues I have with this comparison of women being diamonds or pearls. For those of you who don't know, there's many muslims who claim women are too beautiful. They're precious like diamonds and pearls, and if they aren't covered, then they will get robbed. In other words, if they don't cover up, they're gonna get raped and harassed. Makes me wonder, do people actually rape diamonds? Do they pounce on them and start romping like no tomorrow? If diamonds or pearls caused us men to get all sexually aroused, why isn't every jewelry store covered in semen?

Comparing muslim women to such things means you're objectifying them. You aren't seeing them as human, they're just items to you..


  1. I'm sorry to say brother but you have been drinking the western koolaid, to much of it from the looks of it. Segregation is a compulsion in religion, Aisha RA used to tell fatwa a to the sahabas from behind a curtain. Stop trying to change the religion, everyone else is doing it so we don't need more joining in

    1. lol and there it is, the typical "western" card. Aisha RA was ordered to talk from behind a curtain just like all of the Prophet's wives were commanded. These rulings do not apply to regular Muslim women.

      Feel free to get off of this blog if you don't like it.