Friday, October 2, 2015

Sorry, but people from Saudi Arabia are NOT divine

There is a lot of love for Saudi Law and Saudi scholars. Unfortunately, many Muslims follow the crap that Saudi scholars spread. Saudi Arabia and its scholars are more conservative than the early Muslims, and do a lot of things that are just not in Islam (i.e banning the 8 million things that never lead to adultery. Its funny how they are so afraid of things that never lead to adultery, and are more concentrated on that rather than fearing adultery itself).

People think everything from Saudi is 100% Islamic. So they'll always take their opinions and views. For example, sex segregation, restrictions on women, hatred of non-muslims, the love for accusing others of biddah and haraam, these are all trademarks of Saudi culture. And its saddening that these views are being forced upon non-Saudi Muslims. Non-Saudi cultures are being lost, because Saudi culture is seen as the perfect "Islamic" way of life. Those big bearded scholars, the burka clad women, the fear of women being "fitnah", these are seen as the "best" Muslims.

These Saudis and their allies (other salafis/wahabis) have caused us to think about issues and situations in vastly different ways. Before, we didn't see talking to the opposite sex as haraam. We didn't see sex segregation as something that is necessary to prevent adultery/fornication. We didn't see going to non-muslim events, or taking non-muslim friends, would make us kaffir in the future. These salafis complain and complicate things so much, we don't feel comfortable in the above situations (which were suppose to be innocent and harmless) anymore without thinking how everything will lead to zina. We don't feel comfortable without thinking our sons and daughters are up to something, because these salafi idiots have implanted such ideas into our heads.

The views of scholars seem to override the views of Muslims that reject them. On whatever issue, Saudi ulema are seen as invincible, infallible saviors of the ummah.

Lets hope Allah keeps this sick disease away from our countries, and may he get rid of the disease overall, ameen.

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