Friday, January 8, 2016

Should we be surprised a hundred Arab men sexually assaulted so many German women?

Sexual assault and harassment are a part of many muslim cultures unfortunately.  Because of poor laws and poor law enforcement, such crimes are basically legal.

You know that saying from salafi muslims that women should stay at home to avoid being raped? Yeah, stay at home in countries like Egypt, Afghanistan, Pakistan, Yemen, Saudi, because women who arent burka covered housewives are seen as inviting inapropriate touching and lewd comments.

On top of that, many muslim men love lusting at the white women in hollywood movies and in pornography. So what happens when they immigrate to western countries? Yeah.

An example is Sweden. It has taken in hundreds of thousands of Muslim immigrants from countries where women are consistently violated. At first I didn't believe the rape statistics because they often came from right wing anti muslim sources. But then I came across articles from neutral and liberal websites, and I know how women are viewed in many muslim countries after visiting, interviewing people, seeing news articles from MUSLIM COUNTRIES, and seeing human rights reports. Its no longer the "media" like how many muslims use the excuse. Its real. And people do it while still claiming to be muslim.

A few months ago it was in the news that some men were kicked out of a nightclub for sexually harassing women in Germany. The articles mentioned the men using the word "whore". Which type of people frequently use that word towards women? Oh and by the way it was mentioned they were Syrian immigrants.

Update: On January 12, according to the local (swedish news), 50 Afghans were arrested for sexually assaulting teen girls at a music festival.

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  1. Hi Ali

    The "left-wing" (its not really the same as the US left) here in Sweden doesn't differ between what is Islam and what's Salafi or even barley what's Shia or Sunni, a female Kurdish politician and writer has many times talked on the subject on how even Jihadists and terrorists infiltrate their parties and operate without the knowledge of the average swedes - the cultural barrel and language barrier creates a shadow landscape for them to operate.

    However I've read this post and it breaks my heart - I grew up around Muslims as a Christian here in Sweden, friends from Persia, Bosnia and even one from Botswana. The view on religion (by the atheists around us) was that we where somehow primitive and dumb because of our faith(s). It created a bound between myself as a Christian and to Islam, however my family left the low-income area and moved into the suburbs.

    News about the refugee crisis and events (as you describe here) became poison to my heart - my sister married a Christian refugee from Syria and he fueled my hate even more against Muslims and Islam - I've later met one childhood friend who said he couldn't speak to me because I was a "Kufr"(?) outside my old school there are now "Muslim" gangs who wont let non Muslims inside - a Muslim Lebanese girl even got dipped into a toilet because she didn't cover her hair with hijab.

    One night I went online and started to Google around, I´ve been fascinated by different languages and I listened to some Serbian music. Then there was this clip, it was of a man I never heard of called "Arkan" and of his paramilitary unit, it showed the humiliation of some Bosnian Muslim captives which I first thought was wrong and straight evil but later it grew and became justified somehow like it's "us" against "them". I felt empowered, proud, it was a light for me against what daesh did/do, because I'm constantly worried for my sisters and others of my family, my dad speaks daily of Muslims taking over and how sharia will be forced upon us all.

    ...but now here are you...honest...good...I just can't hate Muslims...Sayed, Azra, Houssein, Amina, Shouhail, Samir, Mustafa, Abd I remember them all... my friends

    Thank you for giving a light on this subject, here in Sweden the rightwing extremist takes the whole debate and says its "100% Muslim behaviors" while many Muslims (not all) simply choose to "ignore" what's going on...