Have there been Muslims who preach Islam in a way that makes you want to vomit, or even consider apostasy? Have there been people coming at you with those big beards, throwing Quran verses and hadiths at you for a shock effect? Do you live in a Muslim country where scholars refuse to denounce domestic violence, honor killings, oppression of non-muslims, women, and other shameful acts? Do you live in a Muslim country where their views of Islam are shaped by the culture and ways of life? And when you object to them, they say you're misguided, or just a non-Muslim for not following them? Doesn't it annoy you that so many misguided people use this religion to promote hatred and bloodshed? Doesn't it annoy you how so many people in this religion overreact and resort to extreme measures? Doesn't it annoy you MORE when those who engage in any of the above cause Muslims to become insecure about Islam, and even become apostates?

If you think people leave Islam just because they want to drink or have sex outside of marriage, then you're an idiot. You fit in with the above morons who think they're getting extra judgment day points by using Islam to suit their emotions and stupidity. It's becoming increasingly difficult to remain a part of this ummah with all the lunatics we sadly produce. And if you can't see this then YOU HAVE NO FAITH, and you don't want to admit the problems that are affecting many young Muslims.

It's becoming increasingly difficult to be a Muslim today because of what happens in the name of our religion. Every single day someone or some group does something ridiculous in the name of Islam. And you know what? Those morons who use this religion for violence, hatred, stupidity, and oppression DON'T CARE what we have to go through. To them, they're doing God a favor by presenting Islam this way. They think they're getting extra judgment day points by causing hatred and fear!

It is so painful to see how many bullies we have in this religion of ours. We have people in Islam who show no mercy, who are unforgiving, who will do their best to bring you down, who will do their best to embarrass you, who will do their best to insult and degrade. It makes me wonder, how are we suppose to have inner peace and full confidence in Islam when these people are running around and targeting us?

Wednesday, April 19, 2017

Dear Muslim women, you are NOT sinning if men get aroused by you

This is a follow up to my articles on women not being sex objects.

Muslim women are constantly told by sheikhs and the common person that they are sinful if they go out and men get turned on. There is a hadith on this that says the devil goes out with women, and you know what? Don't believe in it. Its a false and weak hadith. Its stupid to assume that Allah created women as sex objects who need to cover up and be hidden away because men can't control their lusts. Its stupid to assume that Allah only created women to wear burkas and be housewives because again, men can't control themselves.

Its because of this idiotic and sick thinking that muslim women are denied full public participation in everyday life. I see here in the west how women are living their lives just like how men are, and it annoys and saddens me that muslim countries restrict women's activities because men will get turned on.

Think about it, do handsome Muslim sin when women raise their gaze at them? I have friends, and I'm man enough to know some of them are good looking. They know they turn heads when they walk past women. Are these men sinning? Should they wear hijab and burka to avoid attention from women? Is the devil going out with them too?

The rule that Muslim women shouldn't wear provocative, sleazy, and racy clothing is just so that they should be professional in appearance. This doesn't mean you are to be covered head to toe in a burka, niqab, or hijab, rather it means you wear regular modest clothes that even your non-muslim neighbors wear. This is not hard to understand. If men find you beautiful (not the same thing as aroused by the way), then its NOT your fault in any way and don't think it is. Ignore the salafi and wahabi shitheads who will come at you. Many Muslim women mind their own business without having the intention to cause lustful thoughts and feelings from men, so how on EARTH does it make ANY sense that these women are sinning??

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  1. So do you view covering up as only due to men's arousal? My understanding was the main reason for this was modesty before Allah, hence covering while praying as well in the company of other sisters or alone. My understanding is also that men were to wear hijab as well, honoring Allah in dress and lowering their gaze as well.