Thursday, December 20, 2018

Daniel Haqiqatjou is getting more and more pathetic

I saw on Facebook yesterday where a macho-masculine Pakistani troll constantly dropped links to the website "Muslim Skeptic". It has been about a year since I last visited anything related to the "fully masculine anti-white knight warrior of Islam" Daniel Haqiqatjou. And to be honest, nothing has changed. Haqiqatjou is still the misogynistic swine and men's rights activist that disguises his work in the name of Islam and in the name of undoing colonial mentality. In other words, if you are against his work, then you are an enemy of Islam living through a colonized mindset and supporting "free the nipple" western feminist movements, and somehow also supporting Israel. Words can no longer describe how deranged, disgusting, and delusional he is. I have wrote about his sick mentality below, with the last link being a video I did about him:

One thing that comes to mind is how popular he wants to be. He has Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, and his own website, all spewing ridiculous hateful comments and articles towards women. I mean obsessive much?

Something else to notice, on his website, he claims to be doing all of this to "fight doubts" about Islam. Yeah, it has the OPPOSITE effect. How stupid can he be to think he is clearing up misconceptions about Islam among Muslims?

In the latest of his pathetic rants towards women, Haqiqatjou recently wrote this article, titled "Want to Be Set for Life? Beat Yourself and Blame Your Husband". Here is the link:

This is the third or fourth time I'm seeing Daniel post a news article about a Muslim woman attacking her husband. On a daily basis, there are DOZENS of news articles from both the West and Muslim world about a Muslim wife or sister or daughter being killed or beaten for honor, or blamed for being raped, or trying to avoid a forced marriage. Also, if you have seen my other blog (, I regularly show comments by Pakistani men towards women that are found on Facebook pages. Also on this blog I have posted videos from YouTube where I draw attention to horrible comments by Muslim men towards women. Yet, ALL of this is conveniently ignored by Haqiqatjou. He NEVER posts anything about this, EVER. Anyone else notice a pattern? He SELECTIVLEY picks out articles showing men being victims! This is something I drew attention to in my video that I did of him.

Anyways, let's get on to his rant and analyze it bit by bit. He starts off by saying "Another great example of why we should always #BelieveAllWomen." Okay, no idea why we should do that. I mean of course Muslim women in most Muslim countries and communities are victims and guilty until proven innocent, but let's see what Haqiqatjou is going on about. This below is from the news article:

"A man has called on the federal government to deport his estranged wife after he claims she attempted to frame him for domestic violence.

Sydney man Faisal met Asmae through the Muslim dating website,
He was smitten with her, and proposed soon after leaving western Sydney to meet Asmae at her parents’ home in Morocco."
Okay, if this is true, it is indeed a sad story. The woman here is obviously a horrible woman. Now let's see what Haqiqatjou has to say:
"This guy’s first mistake was using a “Muslim dating” website to find a wife. What kind of a wife do you expect to find through such means? You might as well go looking for a good, pious Muslim wife on hook-up apps like Tinder."
Uh huh, and who are you to judge what kind of women are on such websites? How dirty is your mind to think lowly of women in this website? Maybe they signed up because they want to get married, ever thought of that?
"I don’t know about the details of this particular guy, but unfortunately there’s no shortage of Muslim men who want to date around, have zina, act like they don’t care about Islam, but then when it’s time to get married, they suddenly are interested in finding a pious wife online. It’s pathetic and stupid."
For once, I agree with Daniel. This right here is so true. I see Muslim males all around me chasing after white girls (while simultaneously casting fatwas on Muslim women) but wanting a "pure" and "virgin" Muslimah as a wife. It is pathetic and stupid, good on you Haqiqatjou for going after men for once! He continues by quoting the news article:
" However, while Faisal says he was hoping to return to Australia with a life partner, he now believes Asmae did not share that dream.
“She’s a greedy person. She’s materialistic. All she cares about is herself,” Faisal told A Current Affair.
“And dangerous. Very dangerous.”
Faisal worked two jobs after the couple were married, and claimed he spent everything he earned on Asmae."
I feel bad for the guy. This woman is a female version of the many Muslim men that I have talked about on here. Haqiqatjou now continues with his rant:
"Big surprise there. What people don’t understand is that, because of Islamic values, traditional Muslim societies do a great job of helping Muslims and non-Muslims control their desires. If you take someone out of that environment and bring them to the cesspool of the modern West, then those inbuilt safety rails are no longer there to keep a person’s desires in check.

This is exactly why Islam warns of the dangers of the nafs, the dangers of unchecked hawa, the dangers of pursuing the dunya with reckless greed. We are taught qana`a (contentment) and the value of the akhira over the dunya for a reason. Look at what the dunya does to people. Look at what unchecked desires and greed for material does to the individual.

Western culture, consumerism, social structure, hypersexuality all feed into the voracious nafs and turn droves of people into nafsonic monsters, especially those who are new to it coming from traditional Muslim societies. Obviously, there are exceptions, but this is what I have anecdotally seen on dozens of occasions when uncommitted Muslims or marginally religious Muslims move to the West. It’s very sad."

So, he is getting back to his judgmental self again. As many have noticed, Western Muslims tend to be more in line with their religion than those in Muslim countries. As I have mentioned before, Muslim countries fall into two categories: Strictly Orthodox (often mixed with cultural elements, and include the enforcement of strict and literal interpretations of Islam on to everyone, ESPECIALLY on to women. Examples include Saudi Arabia, Afghanistan, Somalia, Yemen, and certain parts of pretty much every Muslim country). The second one is right in the middle (basically it is a battlefield between left wing secularists and right wing strict Islamists and Jihadists (in this one, no one gets their way, and the minority middle is trapped between the two). You will notice women in these countries tend to live much better lives when they move to the West. I have mentioned many times before how the West is the best place for Muslim women. These "traditional" Muslim societies are hell for women. And just like how Daniel has lied in the past, he most likely hasn't seen "dozens of occasions" of Muslim immigrants falling into the description he provided. He continues to quote the article:

"But over several months, Faisal grew tired of Asmae’s demands.
He said they were constantly arguing, until one night in April when Faisal walked into an incredible sting when he came home from his night shift at Woolworths.
The unit looked as if had been ransacked, with furniture tipped over, belongings strewn across the floor, walls dented, and broken glass and spilt wine in the bedroom."
Again, this is horrible. Now let's see how Daniel spins it:
"Maybe Asmae had heard a lecture from a white knight imam about how Muslim men are deadbeats and have to provide their wives with maids and cooks and a high standard of living otherwise they are violating your God-given rights. It’s not unlikely."
Okay, so it looks like Daniel can't even make up his own mind when it comes to feminism. Is he advocating for women to be economically independent so they don't have to listen to these "white knight" Imaams? Or is he, as he has repeatedly, insisting on traditional gender roles in which the "white knight" Imaam is correct?

Supporting Muslim women for equal opportunities and rights is the only logical and sane minded thing to do. Supporting their basic human right to be free from harassment (something which is common in the Muslim world) is the only logical and sane minded thing to do. Unfortunately, sick freaks like Haqiqatjou and his followers call this the work of a "white-knight". He continues with the article:

"Inside the lift, she gave herself two uppercuts to her face.
She then went to the police and claimed Faisal had assaulted her.
He was held overnight while officers accompanied Asmae back to the unit to collect her things.
Faisal claimed the police unwittingly helped Asmae steal his belongings, including designer sunglasses, expensive watches and a laptop.
Of greater concern, however, were the four assault charges Faisal faced, which could have seen him jailed for up to seven years.
He spent $20,000 on a lawyer and trolled through hours of apartment CCTV vision until he finally found the footage that proved his innocence.
NSW Police immediately dropped the charges against Faisal, but never moved to charge Asmae with making a false accusation."
The thing is with many domestic violence cases, it is seen as a "personal family matter", which is why at least one party is not charged. Though, if we look throughout the Muslim world, especially in Pakistan and Afghanistan where religious clerics are forbidding domestic violence laws because men have the right to "discipline" wives, THIS is clearly a problem which Daniel doesn't even touch on. This leaves God knows how many women in a state of misery. Go look on my Pak Mentality page, see the sick comments by men towards abused and raped. Why do they do it? Because the laws and society ALLOW them to behave like this. Again, where is Daniel Haqiqatjou? 
Anyways, he continues his rant:
"Just imagine if that CCTV footage didn’t exist, this guy could have been serving seven years in jail. His whole life destroyed because of one very simple, easy lie. That’s the injustice of the modern Western legal system. Women just have to make the accusation, cry a little bit in front of the police, and that’s it."
True, but clearly Haqiqatjou is exaggerating. 
"It boggles the mind that some feminist Muslims and their white knight allies refuse to understand how insidious this is. Haven’t they read Surat Yusuf? How can they make nonsensical statements like #BelieveAllWomen when the incentive for lying is so high?"
How stupid can Daniel get? WHO is agreeing with the hashtag #BelieveAllWomen in regards to this specific story? NO ONE. Everyone understands this is insidious. And wow, using Islam once again to show women are liars? (For those of you who don't know, there is a story about the Prophet Yusuf (Joseph) who was very handsome and women couldn't keep their hands off of him). How this Surat Yusuf part has anything to do with this specific story is beyond me. Daniel, as proven over and over, just wants to throw religion in, no matter how irrelevant it is, to try and fool his followers. He ends his rant with the following:
"How many other women have lied about being abused but were crafty enough not to punch themselves in front of security cameras? The man loses his house, his belongings, his children, his job, all because his wife got tired of him for whatever reason or wasn’t happy with her standard of living and her shopping allowance.

What kind of a legal system encourages and empowers such women? These witches give all the good Muslim wives and mothers a bad name. Alhamdulillah for Islam where we actually have due process and standards of proof for justifying crimes instead of giving witches a blank check to destroy their families and, by extension, the rest of society in the process."

I don't how how many women have lied about abuse, but again, WHAT about the poor legal system in Muslim countries where women can't even report abuse? And how can you say Islam has a due process system when YOUR OWN WORDS clearly put women at fault?

The whole point of this is again, Daniel is a pathetic illiterate freak.

Wednesday, December 12, 2018

A conservative Islamic Scholar rejects the hadith about Aisha being 6 years old when she married!

This Sheikh is a hardline conservative scholar. Yet for here, he completely rejects the hadith about Aisha being 6.

Makes you wonder, if a conservative Islamic scholar can reject this authentic hadith of Aisha being 6, why can't we also apply this method to other problematic hadiths?

Sunday, November 4, 2018

Why are Muslims supporting Khabib Nurmagomedov?

A lot of Muslims began following MMA or UFC (don't know the difference and I don't really care) closely after Khabib beat Connor McGregor. Muslims were celebrating Khabib's victory because McGregor said something about Muslims.

Yet, these Muslims fail to realize all of this mixed martial arts fighting is HARAAM. You really think Allah supports these "fighters" for making millions of dollars to break the bones of others? And what about the awrah of these men? They are exposing what they are supposed to cover, yet no one cares!

This is the selective "halaal and haraam" Muslim men engage in. What Khabib does is haraam. However, since he is a male, it is much easier to get away by sinning without the haraam police coming at you.

Imagine a FEMALE Muslim fighter. What do you think the response would be? I know, it would go something exactly like this "ASTAGHFIRULLAH, where is this woman's shame? Where is the shame of her brother and father? How can they let her go out like this?"

Monday, July 2, 2018

See how Muslim men react to a Youtube video about the #metoo movement among Muslim women

Same comments as the previous times:
-Blame women for "inviting" harassment and rape
-Denial and blame the "Western Zionist media"
-Attack Muslim women who commented they have been harassed or raped
-Attack Muslim women who said they are better off living in Western countries (they're associated with nudity, bikinis, prostitution, neglecting children etc.)

Then these same idiots claim it is the "Western media" that creates a bad image of Muslims.

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Hijab is not in the Quran whether you like it or not

NOTE: If Muslim women want to wear hijab out of free will, then she should go for it.

This is my 6th of 7th post on this and I feel like I need to keep telling people this (especially from people where hijab is always associated with virginity and piety (so Pakistan, Afghanistan, Saudi, and Yemen)).

Conservative Muslims usually argue the evidence for hijab from the Quran, because there isn't any reliable hadith material that advocates for hijab. They try and break down the Arabic words to prove head covering is there, because the fact is Allah never flat out directly says "cover your hair". That is why these conservatives go through so much work and hastle to show hair covering is there. However, there are a significant amount of websites and videos that show there is nothing about head covering in the Quran, and they also break down the Arabic root and plural words.

The following are Quran-alone websites. I have not linked to them before, as the ten or twelve sources on my other posts about hijab not being mandatory are all from non-hadith rejecting websites. I feel like a change is needed for people to realize hijab is just not in the Quran, and I will use Quranist websites for this post. To some it might seem more clear. Even if you do not reject hadiths, still see the arguments in the websites and see the evidence against covering the head. If you wear a hijab, or support the view it is mandatory, you need to accept the fact that you know what? The argument of it being not mandatory is pretty solid and holds weight, whether you like it or not.

So anyways here they are: (surprisingly, this one is a little conservative. It still says head covering is not required, but it might be if women beautify themselves a way which causes attraction. I have to disagree with this because as I have mentioned before, hair cannot cause sexual arousal in men. The site also goes on to say arms and shoulders need to be covered. However, I disagree with this part also. Shoulders and arms do not cause sexual arousal either). (very lengthy and detailed) (interesting as it uses science to prove its point).

A few points I want to make:
1) Hair is not a sexual organ. It is not a vagina or breasts. So we need to stop treating it like a sexual part. As for arms, it makes no sense how that is sexualized. If a woman rolls up her sleeves to do a task, is she now sinning? It makes no sense.

2) Conservative Muslims say hijab is necessary because a woman's beauty needs to be covered. If a Muslim woman is beautiful, so be it. Get over it and move on. It is stupid to tell women to dress up because others might find her attractive. It is stupid to make women self conscious that she is attracting attention of males. It is stupid to call men "cucks" if their wives or sisters don't wear hijab (a sick game played by psychotic Muslims these days).

3) Islam says to be modest. Modesty varies from culture and place. What was modest in 7th century desert Arabia was to fit the norms at the time. Muslims, especially conservative Muslim men, need to realize this.

4) Not wearing hijab does NOT mean the woman is irreligious. Many Muslim women (I mentioned this before about Muslim women from the Indian subcontinent) do not wear hijab yet will put anyone to shame with their piety, honesty, tawheed, and so forth. This MUST be realized by conservative Muslims.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Have a look at these beautiful Muslim women who are honor killed by their families

Where are all the Muslims to condemn this? Why don't we see people like Daniel Haqiqatjou condemn this?

Friday, May 11, 2018

How do we as Muslims explain sexual abuse of boys?

I have mentioned this many times before how Muslim women are always blamed for inviting rape and harassment because they don't wear a burka or hijab. I have mentioned before how Muslim women even in burkas and hijabs are not spared from harassment. I have shown in my other blog ( the countless comments by men (and self hating women) who do their best to make sure women are blamed for being harassed. I have mentioned before how I have been harassed by an old creepy woman. I have mentioned how some of my male friends have had sexual advances towards them by other men. I have mentioned about boys in madrassas in Pakistan and Afghanistan being subject to rape and sexual abuse.

Have a look at the following statistics about the abuse, harassment, and rape boys and men face by (mostly) other men (and some women). These links also show much of the sexual abuse and harassment is committed by mehram family members (so much for the common argument that one can relax in clothing around mehrams).

This one here is an Islamic link that tackles sexual abuse and harassment very well. Have a look at the comments at the amount of girls who have been sexually abused by their own fathers, uncles, and brothers:

Now obviously women are subject to far more abuse and harassment. But as the links show, many boys and men will have their lives ruined as well. Should we tell men, like how we do to Muslim women, that they should wear hijab and burka? Honest question. And what about around mehrams, because as the links show they commit much of the sex crimes. Should we tell boys and girls to wear hijab and burka around their own fathers, uncles, and brothers?