Saturday, December 16, 2017

The awrah of a man is not from the naval to the knees!


Right wing Muslims (mostly males) often love harassing hijabless Muslim women. When these right wing Muslim men are asked about why they aren't wearing hijab, the common response is that they don't have to cover their hair because the awrah of a man is only from the naval to the knees. So in other words, they can freely flaunt anything else and wear any attire they like (as long as it covers the naval to the knees and it isn't made of silk). I find this a little weird, considering the fact that Muslim male soccer (football) players, boxers, wrestlers, and rugby players don't follow this rule strictly, and no one cares. No one raises a finger. As a matter of fact, many Muslims often say to young Muslim boys to look up to these athletes. However, Muslim female athletes are often scrutinized, even if they are wearing hijab while competing. Double standards much?

Sorry to say, but women are attracted to good looking men (nice hair, eyes, muscular arms and shoulders, chest, and abs). Are men sinful for this if women get turned on? Does Shaytaan go out with us if we go out into the public? Because those features that I mentioned are considered okay to show for Muslim men.

Does this make sense to you? Women must wear hijab or burka but men can, under Islam, show the above features?

I also find it so strange that many of these Muslim men who obsess about awrah, have YouTube/twitter accounts showing off their muscles. All of those dawah guys, apologists, and preachers of Islam, why are they wearing muscle shirts or tight t-shirts? Why do they have their hair combed in a nice way? Don't they realize women might be attracted to them? I think the solution is for these men to either wear a hijab or burka, or just stay at home.

I am not married yet. But I know when I am, I will feel jealous if I see a handsome man around (yes, you can realize there's good looking men without being gay). What should my response be? Tell that man to stay at home or wear hijab, because he is a fitnah for my wife?

See, I don't have a muscular body. Nor am I handsome. However, I have tight shirts that I wear around the house or for gardening. I wouldn't feel comfortable wearing it in public because I KNOW women will look. This is an attitude many Muslim men don't have, and they freely flaunt their bodies because, oh right, the awrah is only from "the naval to the knees".

Another thing I would like to point out is that the body shapes of men ALSO show even if our traditional awrah is covered. No one pays attention to this, sadly, because everyone is busy going after Muslim women for "showing" body shapes. I have said this before, it doesn't matter what is worn, body shapes of men and women will ALWAYS be visible. It is stupid that the Muslim community expects women to pay attention to how she appears in public. No one should ever have to worry about others seeing the shapes of the body. I as a male, even in my loose baggy jeans, will still have some shape visible to others. Do I care? No. Should I worry? No. In the exact same way, no Muslim woman should be pressured into thinking about if her shapes are visible. Most Muslim men and women do not have the intention to show certain body shapes. They are visible because they just are.

Even at the masjid, as I look around, I can easily see the body shapes of men. These men wear tight clothes without realizing it.

Now as I promised way up above about a personal story. Two years ago I was waiting alone at a bus stop. I was sitting on a bench and looking at my phone. In the distance I saw a woman approaching me. I figured she wanted to take the bus too. But then she came really close and sat right next to me. I looked at her and she gave me a several-teeth- missing smile. I got creeped out. I just looked down and pretended to be busy on my phone. She kept staring at me! Literally like what the heck. And then she said "my my, aren't you a sight for sore eyes". I was SUPER uncomfortable. I just nodded and hoped she would stop staring and talking. She STILL kept on staring. Then, just when I thought things couldn't get worse, she put her hand in my lap. I immediately got up and told her to stop. She replied "well honey I just can't help it. Come here and sit on mommy's lap". I began walking away. The bus was about five minutes away, but I would rather walk a bit and find another bus stop and wait for another 30 minutes then be anywhere near that woman for another five. As I was walking away, she yelled "oh my, look at that @$$".

Now this may seem a little funny but there are several important things to think about here. If there was a Muslim woman in my place instead of me (a male), Muslims would be saying she should wear better clothes and should be with a mehram. Because not only are you in a dangerous situation, you are being cursed by the angels for showing your "beauty". So what about me? I always wear very loose jeans and loose shirts. I don't style my hair either. Yet I was a source of attraction and temptation to this creepy woman (still haunts me by the way). Should I have worn a burka? Should I have been with a mehram woman to "protect" me?

Also, a similar situation happened with my Muslim friend (except this time it was a male bothering him by making sexual advances). What do right wing Muslims say about this? Where are all those salafis and followers of people like Daniel Haqiqatjou, Anjem Choudhary, Abu Waleed, and so on?

Sunday, December 10, 2017

Daniel Haqiqatjou has blocked me from his facebook page

This is interesting. Daniel blocks me off his page, yet lets the aggressive, even racist, sexist, and kaffirphobic comments continue to pour in!

Wednesday, December 6, 2017

The self hating and extreme Muslim women who unfortunately make their way to live in the West

I've written about self hating Muslim women before. I have also shown screenshots of them, see here:

Now what really annoys me are the self hating Muslim women who immigrate to the west. Below is a woman I found on Daniel Haqiqatjou's page:



The four morons who liked her comment also live in the west, yes among kaffirs.

And we wonder yet again why so many young Muslims are insecure about Islam.