Thursday, August 13, 2015

Rape threats are used to control women

I came to write about this because female muslims in the media and on youtube will almost always get harassed by idiot "muslims" who will say she deserves to, or will be, raped because she's independent, because she's not covered head to toe and silently at home only cooking and cleaning.

I have already established the fact that clothing NEVER leads to rape. I have said Allah did not create women so they can be harassed and raped by men. By this I mean, when we tell Muslims who live in certain cultures about the independence of women, those Muslims will usually say "and that's why they are raped". The word "rape" is used so liberally by many Muslims, its so fricken annoying.

Women can go wherever and when ever they want to in Islam. Because rapists shouldn't exist in the first place, ESPECIALLY in a Muslim country.

I should explain the differences of rape that occur in the West, and Muslim countries, because many muslims love saying how the west leads the world in rape (which it doesn't by the way). Many muslims say this because they see women being independent in the west, and to them that is the reason they are always raped. But here's the actual truth, the rape that MOST OFTEN happens in the west is when having sexual intercourse with minors (so those whom are under 18). MANY people get charged with rape for having sex with those who cannot legally give consent. It doesn't matter if the under-18 year old gave consent, they are under 18 and still considered immature.

Also, many rapes happen in the west when women are passed out, or nearly passed out, at parties because of alcohol or drugs. Women who are under the influence of such cannot give consent and are mentally out of it. Men at these parties use such women to their advantage.

There, understand?

Now the rape that happens in many corrupt Muslim countries is because men with guns or knives target women, and then rape them. In addition to, due to the corrupt police and judiciary, as well as this notion of preserving family "honor", most rapes go unprosecuted or unreported, making rape pretty much legal. This whole fucked up system doesn't happen in the West.

So next time you see those "muslims" whining about how the west leads the world in rapes, tell them how fucking stupid they are.