Tuesday, July 14, 2015

In Islam, the words "secularism", "liberalism", and "western" can mean anything

We always come across people who accuse other muslims of being secular, liberal, or western. However, from people's understanding of Islam today, it all comes down to what a person means by those three words. Like I have been writing all along, people's perception of religion is influenced by their culture. So anything that contradicts their culture (to them it means contradicting Islam) is automatically deemed as "secular", "liberal", or "western". So in Saudi Arabia, if they hear about a woman driving, then she is westernized.

In 2011, Pakistani governor Salaman Taseer was shot and killed by Mumtaz Qadri because Salmaan opposed Pakistan's blasphemy laws targeting religious minorities, as well as other muslims. If you type in "Mumtaz Qadri" on Facebook you will see pages dedicated to supporting him. On these pages, you'll see radical uncivilized "Muslims" accusing other Muslims of being "secular" or "western" if they oppose the actions of the animal Mumtaz Qadri. On YouTube, if you Google his name, you'll see videos supporting him, and you'll see Pakistanis openly giving death threats to those who support Salman Taseer.

I have also written before about the hatred of women by Afghans when they appear on TV. To them, any woman who is in public is a "westernized whore" (literally that's what many of them say).

There is no specific political system prescribed in Islam. Which is why Muslim countries today and throughout history have ranged from dictatorships, royal rule, to democracy. Many Muslims unfortunately equate democracy to drugs, alcohol, and prostitution. How the hell they get to that level of stupidity is beyond any sane human being, but democracy is not against Islam. Only passing laws that contradict Islam is haraam. But to certain Muslims, even if we fulfill all of the requirements of an Islamic state, we are still "secular" and "liberal" and "westernized".

Numerous scholars have said music is not haraam. So if we take part in listening to music or singing, then to certain muslims we are "westernized".

Women playing sports in public could be shamed with many other words, in addition to being called westernized and liberal. By the way, Allah did not send women down to this earth to be hidden away from society and all covered up. A lot of clothing worn by female athletes is not haraam, unless you think women should be all covered up and hidden since they are a "fitnah".

In Pakistan, when newspapers featured women who wanted to ride bikes, their facebook pages were raided by right wing nut jobs who equated women riding bikes to "secularism".

Anjem Choudhary, a nuisance in Britain for the Muslim community, calls anyone who disagrees with his stupidity, a "secular". The same goes for that a-hole Abu Waleed, though he flat out calls other Muslims "kaffir".

Feminism is something that is badly needed in Muslim countries. Unfortunately, certain Muslims equate that word to modern day men-hating feminists who run around with their chest showing. So when we say we stand for women's rights, to those Muslims we support nude women. And when we say the Prophet Muhammed was a feminist (he was, if you don't like it then argue with him on judgment day), then we are called "blasphemers".

Everyone has their own Islam today. There is no such thing as "one" true Islam.

So the next time you get called any of these three words, or you call others those words, think and try to understand the opposite view.

Monday, July 13, 2015

Yes, we have to admit: Muslims DO leave Islam

If Ubayd-Allah ibn Jahsh, a sahaba, left Islam and became a Christian, then why is it so hard for us to believe people leave Islam?

I spent years dialoging and arguing with ex muslims. I am well aware of the evangelical tactic of pretending that they were muslim and later becoming Christian. I know there are false ex muslims. But they are only the minority compared to the actual number of apostates.

I have mentioned before of browsing the website "Student Room" where young Muslims no longer believe in Islam, and I myself am a witness of people leaving Islam. I have mentioned the causes of them leaving the religion (the most prominent reason is that they're parents, or their mullahs, are oppressive and strict, and teach Islam in ludicrous ways that causes people to rebel).

Why I'm writing this bit, is because I am pissed at the responses other Muslims give when they hear or see an apostate. They will say things like "you were never muslim", "you left islam just so you can date and have sex", "you left islam so you can be a whore", "you're so stupid because islam is the best and greatest religion", "have fun burning in hell you filthy kaffir" and so on. By the way, these quotations are paraphrased, BUT real. Like I'm not just making them up. See for yourself, go see videos on youtube of muslims leaving islam.

We never consider the underlying social conditions that made them choose apostasy over Islam. They were taught this and that is haraam, when actually it isn't. They were taught to follow this sheikh (the same sheikh who has stupid views of women and non-muslims and democracy and human rights), when actually they might have been following islam better before.

Muslims who leave Islam have their points proven over and over because of how we act. We run around screaming how Islam is the true religion and so logical, yet we present the religion in ways which cause people to leave the religion. We target women because they're a "fitnah", and everything they do is "fitnah", and how they should be all covered up and hidden away from society because they're a "fitnah". And then we conclude by saying Islam is so great. In one of the videos I saw it is about a girl (Sara) who nearly committed suicide because of how her parents taught her Islam. The comments on the video by other Muslims was just revolting. She has her case proven all the time. And the thing is there are MANY MANY MORE YOUNG MUSLIMS in her situation.

Look at this Pew Research data. 23% of Muslims in the US no longer identify with their childhood religion. 23 PERCENT.