Saturday, September 5, 2015

Those who pick and choose what to follow about Islam

Islam forbids making accusations, judgments, and degrading comments. Islam forbids being suspicious of another, and Islam forbids making takfeer (calling another Muslim a kaffir). Islam forbids backbiting. I say it again, Islam FORBIDS ALL OF THIS.

You might be thinking that I was going to talk about those Muslims who seem practicing, or only choose to follow certain aspects, but they also drink, commit adultery or fornication, do drugs, or wear tight and revealing clothes. But trust me, these Muslims who engage in all of that are much better Muslims than those who I'm about to talk about.

What's more annoying is that many Muslims use degrading comments, made judgments, spread vulgar rumors, make takfeer, and attempt to use Islam to justify their filthy actions.

It doesn't matter who the Muslim is, or what the Muslim is doing. They could be naked, they could be drinking, they could be publically fornicating, we CANNOT EVER resort to vulgar comments, we CANNOT EVER resort to takfeer. 

The muslim community unfortunately HEAVILY engages in making accusations, judgments, degrading comments, vulgar insults, and backbiting. Even on Islamic forums, muslims will speak negatively about certain Muslims. What permission have they been given to speak like this?

For example, go look at videos featuring Muslim women on YouTube. Go see videos about Muslim weddings. Go look at the comments section. See the fools who are doing what I mentioned above? They don't care about their tongues, they don't care about verbally harassing and verbally assaulting others. They think Allah gives them blessings for acting like this.

I really feel for the Muslims who have to deal with such difficult people. And so should all of you. We can't allow idiots in our ummah.