Friday, November 24, 2017

Daniel Haqiqatjou is the latest moron to join the list of nut job fanatics

I made a video on this see here:

Here is a new post I just made about him:

As much as I hate to say it, Trump is correct in banning Muslims from certain countries.
I have posted on here before about online Islamic forums, certain Islamic youtube channels, and certain Islamic websites which are full of stupidity. Right wing Muslims are a plague. They justify every psychotic statement they make in the name of Islam. Furthermore, every psychotic Muslim preacher or organization will always attract followers. I have no idea why this ummah contains so many idiots who blindly worship anything that is abnormal, degenerate, and swine-like.

I was browsing through a Pakistani facebook page  (Pakistan Votes) which is probably one of the very few sane minded pages to exist in the Islamic world. On it I found a screenshot (here is the link to the page from this man (Daniel Haqiqatjou) who said something like having female friends leads to flirting, which leads to zina. Okay, that I kind of agree with. Then came a response from a Muslim woman to him which went something like having male friends creates understanding between the genders which leads to a decrease in sexual harassment. Obviously this is correct, as I have posted before on here links to studies that show men who see women as equals are far less likely to harass or sexually assault.
I googled this guy's name and I found out he runs the website Muslim Skeptic. It is full of articles that take shots at women, non-Muslims, and those who don't adhere to strict Islamic doctrines. Pretty disgusting huh? It also had articles of him supporting child marriages (because it decreases the chances of "zina") and an article where he compared hijabless women to not wearing a seatbelt. He throws in jokes here and there to make himself look funny, but only his low IQ followers would laugh at them. After seeing his site I found his facebook page, which had the same stupidity on his site. It also showed that he lives in America, which is shocking because Muslims of his caliber should only be found in conservative Islamic countries where they can preach their hate and filth to crowds of uneducated fools. But this time we get to see the sick comments supporting his views. And you know what? Many of his supporters live in America and in Europe. These right wing animals are found living in civilized countries. Sick comments and living in places where tolerance and gender equality are highly respected. How does this make sense in any way?

The following are screenshots of the comments on his page. As I said, psychotic Muslim preachers always attract followers. It is mostly men but as I mentioned before there are always self hating women who will join hands these idiotic right wing Muslim males.

To answer the idiots, gheerah and dayooth are salafi concepts that are aimed at making men insecure and controlling. No civilized man with a rational mind can think in such a way. The sickness in the comments prove how they view women, and they're using Islam to support this stupidity.

P.S. notice the amount of likes these morons get.

P.P.S this guy Bulbulia also wrote a comment on the page saying Muslim men shouldn't let their daughters go to western universities otherwise they would comeback with non-Muslim boyfriends. I would show it but I would have to find it and the amount moronic comments just makes me angry. But you see what kind of freaks are gathered? I remember that comment itself got 5 likes. Shocking and stupid.

And see the self hating women who come on and support this freak:

These are just a few screenshots. There's a lot more vomit on his page.