Saturday, March 4, 2017

Why the concepts of "geerah" and "dayooth" are problematic, and FALSE

There is a hadith about Gheerah. It is a term for protective jealousy that a man is suppose to have for his women. A person who does not have this is called a dayooth, and won't be entering paradise, according to that hadith. Generally, you only find this hadith on salafi and other right wing hardline Islamic websites.

Now there are NUMEROUS problems with the concepts of gheerah and dayouth. Firstly, it should be obvious to everyone that ALL MUSLIMS will eventually enter paradise. So this automatically refutes this hadith of being true. Secondly, it causes men to obsess about his sisters and daughters and wives. It causes men to obsess about their choice of clothing, who they talk to, who is looking at them, and in general what they are up to since heaven is at stake for men. This causes men to not trust their wives and daughters and sisters and be in full control of them. Does this make sense at all? No it doesn't. Its a very STUPID concept that is the reason why muslim countries are hell for women. Gheerah is also one of the main reasons for honor killings in the Islamic world where men become suspicious of their own daughters, mothers, wives, sisters, aunts, and female cousins. Men who believe in this concept become paranoid.

I have come across blogs and videos about these concepts of gheerah and dayooth that hold the stereotypical views of non-hijabi women. Basically they mostly say how men like to "show off" their wives by letting them wear tight jeans and makeup. This is idiotic. Firstly, most non-hijabi muslim women wear regular clothes, not the tight ones. Secondly, as I have said many times, muslims who come from countries where burkas are the norm will find any non-burka wearing woman as wearing tight and revealing clothes. And thirdly, women wear clothes that they are comfortable in, just like how men do. And fourthly, no civilized human should control another human, nor should any civilized human sexualize every in inch of a woman's skin. That's one of the differences between the West and Muslim countries. The west does not sexualize everything women do, whereas many Muslim countries do sexualize everything women do. How many times have I posted on my other blog about Pakistani and Afghani men sexualizing women riding bikes, working, or even writing comments on Youtube or Facebook?

If this hadith referred to a general protective jealousy (like getting offended if another man is trying to flirt with your wife or daughter) then that would be okay. It would be fine. Or if it was about getting offended if your wife or sister or daughter wore a bikini in public, it would make sense to be offended at this. However this is not the case. Every blog or video or fatwa I have come across that talks about gheerah, they have all been nonsensical and illogical. Like what I mentioned above, if your wife or sister or daughter is not wearing hijab, then you become a dayooth. This is so stupid, I'm having a lot of trouble describing how stupid it is. All websites and videos that talk about gheerah an dayooth are full of insecure and aggressive Muslim men and self hating Muslim women who insult Muslim women that don't conform to the traditional "burka covered, hidden away in the most inner parts of the house, obedient housewife", and they insult Muslim men who aren't controlling. Swine-like stupidity right here.

Let me also ask, how come this hadith ONLY refers to men having jealousy over women? Why isn't it the other way around? How come ALL the articles and videos about this topic by Saalfi/Wahhabi sheikhs ONLY concentrate on men having jealousy over women? Can women not have protective jealousy over their men? WHY isn't their any content about this? Because, this is yet another anti-women hadith used by conservative orthodox Muslim men (and self hating Muslim women) to be in control. And we all know what control does, it leads to havoc and chaos. Let me also ask, WHY are so many angry Muslims using the word "dayooth" as a slur or insult towards other Muslims? Because the hadith and those who write about this hadith basically allow hateful backwards self righteous Muslims to be complete jerks. Does all of this seem Islamic to you? No.

A little background info, this hadith about gheerah was verified as "authentic" by the Salafi sheikh Muhammed Nasiruddin Al Albani, a man who died only 17 years ago. I have said this millions of times, salafi material is NEVER reliable. As a matter of fact, Al Albani himself is controversial among the salafi circles for his work. An example is when he said only an Arab can be the leader of an Islamic state. He gets his conclusions from studying hadiths. This is why hadiths need to be held under scrutiny, because some declare them as reliable while others don't. And a lot o controversial hadiths are verified as "authentic" by these idiotic hardline Muslims who end up making Islam very difficult. You can see the screenshots that I posted in the begining. You can see how it has a negative effect on men. You can see how sick it causes men to be. And there are a LOT more sick examples online in which hardline Muslim men insult other Muslim men for being "cucks" (cuckholds).

Say for example I buy this gheerah/dayooth argument. It is a huge sin if I don't obsess about my sisters and mother and wife and daughter (and so on and so on). But if you watch videos or read fatwas on the biggest sins in Islam (sins that take you to hell and deny you paradise (which is weird because as I said above, all Muslims will enter paradise)), NONE of them mention anything about gheerah and dayooth! I have seen probably hundreds of Islamic lectures about sins in Islam. Never have I come across anything about gheerah and dayooth.

So, we see why the concepts of gheerah and dayooth need to be thrown in the garbage.

Just something I want to point out, we need to have trust in our wives and daughters and sisters that they will do the right thing. We men don't need to stand up for them. They can figure out what is right and wrong. Women are not children, they are normal functioning humans like us men.

If you want to believe in this concept, then fine. However, unless you have a wife, sister, or daughter who is either stripping, wearing a bikini in public, wearing tight and short and revealing clothes, or if they are flirting with other men, then you really have NO need or right to get all upset.

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