Sunday, February 15, 2015

Muhammed Al-Munajjid is a DEVIANT. Do not follow his fatwas!

I can only think of the idiots who support this fool as mentally unstable offspring of incestual marriages.

Muhammed Al Munajjid runs the salafi website Islam QA. It amazes me how popular this website is. I can't believe we have "scholars" who say all this crap! It's very clear they have a dislike for women (except for cases like sex, cooking, and cleaning). Do they really think Allah SWT sent women to the earth just so they can be haraam and do haraam things? How idiotic of them is it that they FAIL to see women properly? Properly like HUMANS?

1) This fatwa approves the marriage of a 26 year old man to a 13 year old girl. The dumbass who asked the question is a pedophile clearly:

 2) They called a believing Muslim a kaffir:

3) They say its haraam to live in a non-Muslim country:
4) They have said its haraam to take Christians and Jews as friends, based on verse 5:51, but they have mistranslated it. They also said one who has non-Muslim friends is just like them (i.e a kaffir).  Actual explanations of verse 5:51 is presented by the following scholarly sources AFTER the two Islam QA links:

5) They say its haraam for women to drive because it'll cause sexual immorality:

If you keep reading that it later on says that women driving is comparable to drinking and gambling.
6) They say a woman should stay at home because they wrongly quote a verse where it tells the Prophet's wives to stay at home:
We already know the Prophet's wives were given special orders and privileges. They do not apply to regular Muslim women.

7) Now look at what they wrote on polygamy:
Look at how stupidly they answser the question. In Islam polygamy IS NOT A RIGHT, it is a condition with restrictions. The polygamy verses spoke about doing JUSTICE TO THE ORPHANS. It was ONLY meant for that reason! THAT'S IT!! NOTHING ELSE.
I forwarded this question to (OnIslam is from the creators of Islamonline, a site which is affiliated with Al Azhar, the world's highest and oldest Islamic authority). They refute Islam QA on this and put the hadith back in context (which Islam QA took out of it's original meaning):

8) Women who don't marry "are well known" to become prostitutes, and they need to be looked after. This link also says children being illigitinate is reflected in their behavior :
9) They say that it is fobidden for women to visit graves based on the hadith that the Prophet cursed that woman who visited graves:
Now NUMEROUS scholars have corrected this, saying it's perfectly allowed for women to visit the grave sites. See the following:
10) They say women who do not wear hijab should be divorced:
11) They say it was haraam for a boy to get to know a girl on two seperate occassions: 
I'll have a more detailed article about gender interaction later on, but for the time being there are a bunch of sane fatwas on male-female interaction in the following link:
12) NUMEROUS times they say women are to obey husbands, like here:
They do not know what this obedience thing means. It is explained by the following links:
Many scholars also say this obedience refers to Allah SWT, not the husband. I have mentioned this in my previous article:

 13) Not allowed for women to act in theatre, even if she wears hijab:
My sister has acted on stage. Any asshole who comes at me saying what she did is haraam will be visiting a dentist, after spending a week in the hospital.

 14) Look how stupid this one is:

"A woman may compensate for her weaknesses by striving hard, and surpass men when they are negligent. Hence we find that in some colleges, female students surpass male students because of their greater efforts and their keenness to succeed when many of the male students are negligent and are not eager to learn."

So the only way women can be more intellectual than men is if men don't try? BULLSHIT.
15) Movies are okay to watch as long as there's no women:

16) Haraam for women to ride horses, and also her face is a source of temptation:

17) Those who say women should take part in politics are "weak, defeated and dazzled."'s%20testimony

BUT Aisha, our beloved mother in Islam, was involved in politics:
Isn't Islam QA blaspheming Aisha?

18) Not a correct way to guide a non-Muslim to Islam if you're going to attack their religious texts:
19) Men and women are not equal, and men are wiser than women:
Check this one out:
"Men are more intelligent and have a better ability to distinguish right from wrong."
Gee, then I guess this religion is not for women then, huh Munajjid?

12) Not allowed to appreciate the skills of non-muslim football players, because they're non-muslim

"This applies if it is free of other evils; if it is accompanied by other evils, such as if the viewer begins to venerate a kaafir player for example, then it is undoubtedly haraam, because it is not permissible for us to venerate the kuffaar at all, no matter how far they have advanced."

21) Women working as broadcasters will lead to them having illegitimate children. They also say men do this job better:

22) Needing to quit work if women work there as well:

Those of us who are MATURE, and PROFESSIONAL, will KNOW how to work with people of the opposite sex in a PROPER manner. This is no problem for us, at ALL. This just shows how much sex Islam QA has on their dirty minds, and how weak they are.

23) Can't watch films like heurcules because we might actually believe gods like him will exist. Also, they say such movies are popular in the west because the lack of religion LOL

24) Competition is not allowed in any way, except for things that can help in jihad:

So what about family game nights? What  about playing sports?

25) Not allowed to show respect to non-muslims. They also quote a false hadith about forcing Christians and jews to the side of the roads when you meet them:

26) Muslim women are not wise if they choose not to marry (last paragraph)

27) Sufi's make up false hadiths LOL


  1. You are a stupid who have no knowledge about Islam. Islam doesn't need jewish attitudes like yours who follow a religion if it suits their desires. If you have Iman, then you must cope with every rulings of Islam.

    1. You're right, because Muhammed Al Munajjid was given special orders by Allah to represent the one true Islam. HAHAHA

      Salafists are pigs. You are the stupid one if you believe the above "fatwas".

    2. In surah 5 verse 51 indeed it does say donot take the christians and jews as friends. To be a muslim is to except every single verse from the quran to doubt 1 ayah out of the whole quran makes u a kaffir because u doubt Allah swt and contradict what he says.

    3. Praying is compulsory its part of the 5 pillars its the most mandatory out of all except for La Illaha Ilallah if u dont pray for a majority or dont pray at all youre not a muslim if u think im absurd check all the islamic scholars including the rashidun and prophet muhammad saw

    4. You have a problem reading material that REFUTES Islam QA. I have provided them. Don't be an idiot and go click on them and read them.

    5. This comment has been removed by the author.

    6. I agree with you.
      Although calling Salafists pigs is not really the way i would say it. Everyone who says the shahada is a muslim dear friend.

      Muslims and non-muslims should avoid

  2. May Allah guide you in the right path

  3. Fear Allah. The person who made this post, it is indeed defaming a brother. Many of the above fatwas have evidence to back them up, and have been studied before us for generations, and we have people who have little knowledge of islam just treating the highest scholars like ther nothing. For example, you stated "1) They called a believing Muslim a kaffir", well in this case the man wasn't praying. There are opinions by many of the GREATEST scholars of islam for example, Ahmed Ibn Hambal (who i dare you compete with) that the abandonment of the prayer is an act of disbelief. FEAR ALLAH

    I'm no scholar, but honestly, for the sake of Allah.
    ARE YOU a scholar, WHO do you think you are, mocking a scholar who has studied, and who's knowledge surpasses your ignorance. It's a disgrace the ummah of Muhammed (pbuh) has reached this disgusting state. People using their keyboards and think their Mashallah, some shiekhs, who guess have not even studied Islam. Ignorance. Every time i read the comments of people as shown in this post, I actually cry. We have made our religion so low. Fear Allah.

    Oh believers fear allah

  4. Wow, author of this article, with all do respect, this is a very disrespecting article. 1) You are calling one of the biggest scholars of our time a deviant, wallahi this is not something you want to do, even if Mujjanid wasn't a scholar, you don't have the luxury to call someone else a deviant.
    2) his fatwas are backed up by countless evidences from Quran and Sunnah, and his original Fatwas are in Arabic so he didn't mistranslated anything when issuing the initial Fatwa!
    3) Hijab is not compulsory???? Please give me the name of any major scholar from the past who ever said this, only few modern day people claim that hijab is not fard!
    4) the one who doesn't pray out of negligence or laziness is a Kaafir by the Sahih Hadith of the Prophet (SAW)!

    5) your arguments about gender equality make you sound like a feminist! Please understand the men and women are NOT equal, women and men are different! That being said, Each has their role in this life and has to follow that role in order to attain Jannah!

    May Allah(SWT) guide us all to the straight path, and May Allah (SWT) grant us all knowledge and wisdom
    Asalamu Alaikum

  5. I agree with you. I looked up information about women in Islam because I am 14 and I was so close to leaving Islam because I felt like Women like me are seen as inferior and have to be their husbands slaves. Islamqa only made me feel much much worse. Im glad not everyone agrees with these idiots.

    1. Sister,women in Islam are given status that most of the other religions fail to.And most of us fail to understand this , which is very disheartening. This world is a place of fitna and examination created by Allaah , so who except him can plan the way it should work?What you call slavery , I call humbleness and co-operation, please don't exaggerate. If a man asks his wife to do anything , for instance he asks her to cook a dish which they both like or have special memories attached to , or asks her to come along and visit a neighbour who is sick or anything as a matter of fact , I don't see what's wrong! Doesn't a woman ask her husband for certain things? Like to take her to her home or shopping? Why are you terming this as slavery? It's the way a relationship created by Allaah works.
      Allaah says that females are not equal to males , but he is Also A'dl , The Just One , He has ordained His commandments with keeping everything in mind , even the knowledge of the unseen.
      Reading such posts and comments makes me feel like , we all are being impatient and short-sighted just like Musa (May Peace be upon him) was with Khizr.

  6. It seems like Islamqa is just cherrying picking things out of the Quran. You can not separate a verse and expect it to still hold the exact same meaning; some of the meaning is lost with the content. Women in Islam have many rights, more than any other religion. Islamqa makes it seem like women are slaves under their husbands and are not intelligent enough to make any decisions. If that does not tell you that Islamqa is not preaching the true Islam, than you simply do not know enough about Islam.

    1. No it doesn't! It is not slavery. Where is the word slavery even coming? For a marriage to work , it is very important that both the husband and wife understand each other completely.Allaah has made the male psychology a little different from the female's , so men tend to make more logical decisions and less of emotional ones. Wheras women are fragile beings and think emotionally. We can see a women's gentleness in the way she was created and the fact that women bleed every month adds to it. Men aren't allowed to wear silk and gold in out religion (and oh surprise! according to islamqa aswell) so why don't you men put up a fight for it , or the women start complaining about it ? Oh right , it doesn't matter they already have a lot of privileges so this teeny weeny prohibition is fine , right?
      Come on you people, there is wisdom behind every single thing that Allaah has ordained , let's keep our short-sighted , fragile human minds aside for a moment and appreciate the gift of Islam. If you trust Allaah enough then you would not put up an excuse for every commandment or sunnah you don't like to follow , and mask it with your idealogy of equality and understanding.
      And Allaah knows the best

  7. You are is foooooool number 1 you should study about islam

  8. I'm honestly disgusted by the amount of butthurt comments of people defending islamQA. This article was a good informant of the heavy inaccuracies and utter bullshit islamQA posts. I couldn't give less of a fuck on how some of the answers they give aren't entirely bigoted, since I have zero respect for people who call themselves scholars but have such a warped and misogynistic mindset.

    For example, I was doing research on why one male witness is equivalent to two female witnesses when islamQA gave me this fucked up shit:

    "This does not mean that a woman does not understand or that she cannot remember things, but she is weaker than man in these aspects – usually. Scientific and specialized studies have shown that men’s minds are more perfect than those of women, and reality and experience bear witness to that. The books of knowledge are the best witness to that; the knowledge which has been transmitted by men and the ahaadeeth which have been memorized by men far outnumber those which have come via women."

    Scientific studies have, in fact, proven the exact opposite (that women actually have better memories than men), which has me rolling on the floor laughing at the sheer stupidity which is the quoted paragraph above.

    So the correct answer, which is far more rational in its logistics, came from

    "The witnesses are the same. The misconception comes about from verse 2:282, which mentions that for business transactions, two women are a witness if there is no man.
    The reason is because men are obligated to work and protect and provide for women. Women are not obligated to work. Under such social structure, any woman who desires to take advantage of her right not to work and rather stay home and let the man provide will likely have no knowledge of the business, financing, and business transactions. As such, in the absence of a man, then it is recommended that two women are a witness to a business transaction."

    It's sad that we can't even trust a website entirely dedicated to Islam and instead have to revert to more generalized sources.

    So to the author of this article, thank you! I wish there could be more intelligent and woke Muslims in the world such as yourself.

    And to the assaholic dipshits plaguing the majority of the comments, I don't even hope for you to gain a few brain cells. Your bigotry is simply far beyond repair. I don't even pity you since I'm so appalled by the thought that people like you exist.
    Truly disgusting.

    As you can tell from my mildly colorful language, I can be a real bitch when I want to.
    So if you're thinking of trying to start an argument with me, just know that I am fully capable of sticking my foot so far up your ass you'll be picking my toes from between your teeth.

  9. Your foul mouth is sufficient for us to know how much you know.period

  10. Look at all these illogical islamqa sheep. It makes me SICK to know that there are so many idiots out there that believe such a twisted view of Islam. I hope all you racist, bigoted, people learn what TRUE Islam is... Not this wishy washy women are object bs.