Wednesday, April 8, 2015

The hypocrisy of Muslims on YOUTUBE!

I can't believe how dumb these fools are.

If you go to videos of Muslims condemning ISIS, Al Queda, Boko Haraam, Taliban, or videos of dances at muslim weddings, you ALWAYS find those salafist/wahabbist kids who think they're got a monopoly on what is sinful and what is lawful. They're SO annoying. Firstly, you have them openly supporting the "mujahideen"; they're openly supporting those who kill the ones who draw cartoons or make videos mocking Islam (ex the shooting at Charlie Hebdo in France). Secondly they raid videos of the happiest days in the lives of a Muslim couple and their families and friends by throwing in the "haraam" card on such little things. I have written before how many Muslims get so upset at hijabless women, women dancing or talking/joking with others (which they will always consider as "flirting"). These Muslims and Salafists say the most dirty and disgusting things. But there's another side to them, and I thank Google plus for this.

I have been doing this for a while, so I know what I'm talking about. Go and click on the user names of those annoying Muslims who act all religious. It'll take you to their Google plus page. if it takes you to their YouTube page, then go and click on the "about" tab on top, then go and click their Google plus link. Now the thing is, your YouTube activity is automatically recorded by Google plus for everyone to see (unless you have your settings fixed-not many take the time to do this as Google plus isn't that popular yet). You will almost ALWAYS NOTICE that they love commenting on videos that have, um well, SEXUAL CONTENT. It's so FUNNY seeing this from them!! For example, there was a Salafist idiot trolling videos about Muslim women who don't wear hijab. He was writing some severe degrading crap towards them. He also called out any Muslim who lived in the West (he called us "sinners" and "traitors"). He had a habit of throwing in Quran verses and Hadiths after everything he said. One person responded to his comments, asking him why he had so much "filth" on his Google plus account. I visited it and, OMG. It was a total porn fest! This guy acted like such a player towards nude women! And you know whats weird? There goes commenting on videos that feature muslims doing dirty dancing/wearing dirty clothes. He says what they're doing is haraam! What a two faced prick. And he isn't the only one. This is just one example. I've come across MANY of these people. Their comments and the way they act show their sooo deeply religious (and by "religious" I mean they think they are- acting like God's official spokespeople by condemning other Muslims). Like this other guy, who kept saying "astagfirullah" to videos of Pakistani weddings and Chechen dances. One click on his account and he's doing the EXACT same thing as the salafist I mentioned above! There's so much evidence of these people you'll get a good laugh!!


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