Friday, May 22, 2015

The common characteristics among all Salafists/Wahabists

1) They condemn others to hell and say we will be punished by Allah
2) They say we have given up our deen for dunya
3) They love accusing others of biddah
4) They love making takfeer on other muslims
5) They keep asking God to curse us
6) If you disagree with them, they say you are disagreeing with God and his messenger
7) If you go against their stupidity, you are a blasphemer
8) They love and ask for death among those who are against them
9) They run around screaming "sharia", and "Allah Akbar"
10) They really don't like women showing their faces, working, driving, playing sports, being in public, etc
11) They love claiming they are defenders of Islam

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