Sunday, June 28, 2015

How to know if you never understood Islam properly

1) When asked about Saudi Arabia, you start complaining about interest rates the banks charge, when you should be more worried about the status of women (not being allowed to drive, play sports, be judges, be politicians, go out whenever they want to etc.)

2) When you think of feminism in Muslim countries, you think of the anti-men, nude protestors that exist in the Western world. You fail to differentiate between the two types of feminism.

3) When you hear about people arguing for freedom in Muslim countries, you automatically think about drugs, alcohol, prostitution, fornication, adultery. You fail to differentiate the different types of freedom.

4) When you hear about women in the West, your mind automatically think of prostitutes, ill-clothed women, "loose" women, and so on, when you should be thinking about how successful women in the west are, how women being successful and independent is not against their nature, and the fact that there are no laws on women.

5) When Muslims condemn attacks on free speech organizations (i.e Charlie Hebdo), attacks that happened in the name of Allah and the Prophet Muhammed, you automatically assume we support those free speech organizations that insult Islam.

6) When you have a hatred for non-muslims, or think they deserve different treatment just because of their beliefs

7) When you constantly need to run to scholars, rather than understanding on your own

8) When you think the advice of scholars is somehow divine and infallible, and those who go against scholars go against Allah (i.e, Islam QA lovers, and lovers of salafi/wahabi scholars who attack you for going against them)

9) When you assume people of the opposite gender who interact are going to commit fornication/adultery

10) When you think the only job in a woman's life is to stay at home, raise children, cook, and clean, and do whatever her husband says.

11) When you think that women who take part in sports dress inappropriately

12) When you think women who appear on tv or social media are just doing it for the attention of men

13) When you throw in the "Western" card when Muslims disagree with you, or have a different opinion. You instead should realize not everything is a "Western" concept, and many characteristics of the west are very valuable, and NOT contradictory to Islam. So you shouldn't turn a blind eye to what YOU think is foreign, when in fact it could be more Islamic than your interpretations of religion.

14) When you play the game of guessing the level of imaan another muslim has (common characteristic among pakistanis and afghans, and salafi arabs)

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