Monday, June 22, 2015

Why every Muslim man should feel ashamed

No Muslim man can be at ease. No Muslim man can be without distress knowing what our fellow Muslim brothers do to our fellow Muslim sisters. I'm sick of it. I'm sick of seeing Muslim men dominate and control women. I'm sick of seeing and hearing about women who are denied basic rights, all because they're a "fitnah". I'm sick of seeing assholes who troll Facebook pages and YouTube videos where there are videos and images of Muslim women. I'm sick of them constantly saying how they're shameful, how they won't find a husband for how they act, how they are "whores", and "sluts". I'm sick and tired of Muslim men judging Muslim women because they can't understand women are able to have their own lives. I'm sick and tired of Afghans, Pakistanis, and Arabs getting so angry when their women appear on TV or on videos, it pisses me off when they start spewing the most disgusting language towards women. And I'm sick and tired of when the idea of women's freedom comes up, Muslim men automatically start equating this to strip clubs, prostitutes, alcohol, pornography, and such shit so forth.

I'm sick of muslims calling me "mangina", and "femenazi worshipper" because they are too stupid to understand feminism and womens rights in many muslim countries doesnt mean they're the radical anti men femenists we see in the west. Western laws and western society regard women as equal, and  they have the same opportunities as men, but in many Muslim countries this isn't the case.

There's reasons why so many Muslim women don't feel comfortable marrying a Muslim man anymore. Its because of how we behave towards the. We are unable to treat them with respect.

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