Wednesday, November 18, 2015

The hadith about Muslims taking sides with non-Muslims rather than Muslims

I have written how Western countries are much better for muslims, especially women. I wrote this on YouTube, and I got some responses saying how I love the kuffar, how I love the west, and how I favor non-muslims over Muslims. Once response said there was a hadith about this.

Whether or not that hadith exists, or if its even reliable, I'm gonna shed some light on it. There are dictators in the Muslim world who were put in there by Western interests. There are militaries in the muslim world which side with foreign interests and oppress their own people. So for example, the Shah in Iran who was put in power by American officials. The shah was known to be anti-religious, and anti-democratic. Another example is the Soviet puppet leaders in Afghanistan. They served oppressive Soviet interests (similar policies to that of the Shah). How about another example? Saudi Arabia's leaders serve the West. They are America's top ally. Saudi leaders don't allow poor Muslims to come in, nor do they allow in refugees from other countries.

THIS is what it means when Muslims side with non-muslims. It is ONLY in this specific context.

All of this being said, non-muslims still make better allies and friends than many Muslims. Why? Because Non-muslims less likely to make takfeer, to throw in "biddah" and "shirk" card. They are less likely to use Islam to oppress women and non-muslims, and less likely to enforce the salafi/hardline/insanely FUCKED up views on everybody. They are less likely to make Islam uncomfortable, and less likely to harass Muslims for being against their views. They are less likely to raid marriage celebration videos on YouTube and harass everyone for "haraam" activity (99% of the time there is nothing haraam). They are MORE likely to congratulate the married couple, say how pretty the bride is, and wish them good luck in their marriage (of course regular Muslims do this too).

So yea, non-muslims tend to be better than many Muslims (again, I'm talking about the salafis/wahabis, the hardline idiots, and the ones who base their views from culture and literalist interpretations of the Quran and Sunnah).

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