Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Why are Muslims responding this way to the Paris attacks?

On online Islamic forums (like ummah, salafitalk, islam awakening) there were threads related to the terrorist attacks in paris. While a majority of the people condemned the attacks (notice how I said majority. There are users on there whom are ISIS, Al Queda, Taliban supporters) the users on there were all targeting other muslims. Why? Because they were fussing about the "pray for paris" hashtag, and the putting up of French flags on facebook and twitter accounts. To them, if muslims took part in these actions, then they were allying themselves with the kufr and engaging in biddah, making us kaffir or munafiqs. Even after they were told there is no actual praying going on (this hashtag emerged in France, a country where most don't believe the existence of God), but just showing sympathy for the victims, they STILL stood firm on their beliefs of "bidda" and "kufr".

This is the bullshit we have  to deal with. These ignorant and moronic salafi muslims are a real problem. Its even more saddening is that they aren't all from muslim countries where literalist interpretations combined with culture and degenerate clerics form their views. Many of them are from western countries who think this "Islam" is the only one true way.

This is how low our ummah has become.

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